Valentine’s Day Get Ready With Me

Hey Again, I hope you’re all doing well, So, Valentine’s day is fast approaching and I love getting creative with my makeup! When Valentine’s day comes to mind I imagine pink faded eye shadow and a bright red lip. In today’s blog post I am going to be showing you how I did my Makeup, Hair and my outfit to give you some inspiration. No matter if you’re in a relationship (which I am) or single, you should always take time to look and feel good and if you’re single, don’t let that stop you from treating yourself or going out with your friends!! And remember,Always choose love, no matter what, and most importantly love yourself before choosing to love someone else!! I’m going to try something a little different so instead of writing about the product, I am going to give you a kind of tutorial of how I use the product just to give you a bit of an idea of what I did. Without rambling too much, lets just get straight into it, Enjoy lovelies ❤


Generally, makeup is my favorite part about getting ready because I feel as though you can be as creative as possible and no one should judge that (just play around you know??) When I think about valentine’s day makeup, I straight away think of pink eyes and a red lip and that’s what I’m going to do!! All these products can be found online or in store Superdrug and are very affordable, I will put all the prices with the products with each item!!!

Moisturizer simple kind to skin, Hydrating Moisturizer £2.89 


So, the first thing that I use on an everyday basis is my simple kind to skin, Hydrating Moisturizer, this is a sample size which I got in a gift box for Christmas!! I use this as it creates a smooth base for the makeup and also makes the skin look hydrated and healthy(which is perfect for valentine’s makeup) I will generally use small amounts on each points of my face and then rub it in evenly. This is an important step as it moisturizes your skin making it look healthy but it also creates a smooth and nice base making the makeup look better. 

Foundation- Rimmel London Lasting Finish 25hr nude 010 Light Porcelain £5.99


I will then go in with this foundation because I want my face to look flawless and this is perfect for just that and I feel as though a flawless face would go so well with the rest of the makeup!! I don’t use Foundation daily, I usually just use concealer and powder (because I’m lazy ahaha) This Foundation is very light which is perfect for my pale skin but this foundation does come in a wide range of shades perfect for every skin tone. It has a buildable coverage. I will put little dots of this foundation all round my face and then I will go in with my beauty blender and use that to blend it all in which creates a flawless base for the rest of the makeup.

Concealer- Makeup Revolution Conceal and Define £4– 


I will then go in with this concealer from Makeup Revolution, I will place some of this under my eyes and on my spots which is perfect for brightening up the eyes and concealing up my spots. This is the perfect concealer for this look because it covers any more imperfections on my face which the Foundation may have missed. there is a variety of different shades that are perfect for every skin tone, next time I go into Superdrug I am definitely going to pick up more!! (I’m obsessed ahaha)

Makeup Revolution Pressed Powder Translucent £2


I will then go in with this powder (As you may be able to tell this powder is a bit worse for ware)  This powder gives me a little bit of coverage and mattes my face and as I have oily skin, this is perfect for that!! You don’t want your face looking all oily when your out having a romantic dinner with your partner or going out with your friends!! I take this around with me in my bag as it is so easy to top up throughout the day/night!!

Freedom #ProArtist Highlight and contour £5-


I will then go in with this because I seek out any opportunity to use a hell of a lot of highlight (its my favorite) and I think this is perfect for just that!!! I will go in with the 3 shade at the bottom as my contour shade and use a stifling brush to calve out some cheekbones (which I unfortunately don’t have) I will then go in with a flat brush and apply the white highlighter which is absolutely perfect for my skin tone and place it on the high points of my cheeks, along my nose and my cupid’s bow. This Highlight & Contour Kit is perfect for pale skin and is only £5 (a bargain right?!?)  The highlighters (omg!!) their amazing, the white one is perfect for my skin tone and makes me skin look so bright and fresh and each shade in this palette is so (soo) pigmented, only a light hand is needed.

Freedom Duo Eyebrow Powder Dark Brown £3 & Freedom Pro Eyebrow Pomade-Dark Brown £5 and Primark 3-in-1 brow tobacco £2-


I don’t usually use a combination of all these products,  but I sometimes use a combination of the Freedom products or just the3-in-1 brow pencil from Primark for when I’m doing a full face look and want my eyebrows looking perfect!!. All of these products are perfect for getting the perfect brow shape!!! The Primark pencil has a combination of an angled pencil which is perfect for carving out the shape of your brows and then has a little pot of powder which is also perfect for filling in the gaps in my brows. I generally use the Freedom Brow products when I have more time because they need to be used with a steady hand and takes a longer time to get thepreferred look!! I will firstly take the brow pencil from Primark and calve out the shape of my brows and make the perfect arch. I will then take the brow pomade and fill in any gaps in my brows which I will also do with the brow powder but focus more at the front to get a less intense look!!

MUA Pro Eye shadow Palette Fire Vixen £5-


This palette is a very (VERY!) affordable, it ranges from pink tones to some browns and grey’s to make the valentine’s day look! The color’s in this palette are very pigmented and easy to blend. For this makeup look, I take the lightest pink tone and use that as a base for the rest of the eye look, I then take the much darker pink shade and run that through my crease, the same with the bright pink at the bottom. When I’ve done that, I use the lightest pink in the palette and make a slight cut crease ready to put a shimmer down. I then take middle pink shimmer shade and place that all over my lid. I run the dark pink shade along my bottom lash line to bring the look together. (sounds easy right??)

Essence Liquid Eyeliner £2.50 & Essence Pencil Liner £1- 


Both of these eyeliner’s are so affordable and doesn’t break a whole in my bank balance, which is always a plus as a student!!  These eyeliner’s are perfect for my makeup look as the liquid eyeliner makes it so easy to make the perfect winged eyeliner which I think would look perfect with the valentine’s day inspired eye look. I use the pencil eye liner on my bottom lash line just so it corresponds with the eyeliner and brings my eye makeup together. they are both so affordable, under £3which you can’t go wrong with!!

Primark Amplif-eyed Mascara £2- 


This Primark mascara from the PS range is amazing, it gives you so much volume so if you’re not really into that, this isn’t really for you, it does give some length too!! It is a very thick mascara and the wand allows it to coat all of the lashes and create a fake eyelasheffect!! This mascara is perfect to finish off the eye makeup as it looks very minimal but still makes an effect to the eyes. I will put this mascara on my top and lower lashes to bring the whole look together.  

Sleek Liquid Lipstick in shade Rioja Red-


This Liquid Lipstick is definitely the perfect Red shade to go with this look, a few years back I’d never dare to touch a Red Lipstick but now, it is all I wear when I have the chance, it just makes your makeup look soo much better and I am way for that!! This Lipstick corresponds so perfectly with the eye look and just brings the whole look together, it’s so creamy and doesn’t feel like there is anything on your lips (even though it is Matte!!!) So, now the long process of the makeup is all done, let’s get onto the hair!!


8F31637F-BA47-4244-8C36-65CEF4E2CE46 (1)

Whenever I do full on makeup, I always feel the best hair style for the makeup is just having it all down but having it curled which I think goes so well with the makeup. I normally use a thin curling wand with using small amounts of hair and one go then I will run through the curls with my fingers to get the desired effect which is usually wavy (as you can see in the photo), I feel as if this hair style brings the whole outfit together and looks like you have tried that little bit more and looks so pretty which is absolutely perfect for this valentine’s look. I normally don’t use hairspray as I feel it looks more natural without as the curls fall out over time but your more than welcome to use hairspray especially if your going out for a meal or something!!

My Outfit of choice-


Picking my outfit was pretty difficult because I couldn’t really decide which vibe I wanted to go for but I knew that I wanted to wear a dress!! I am most definitely going to wear a coat with this or at least a jacket, maybe pink just to fit with the theme. I decided upon this dress in particular because I felt it was both very Spring and Valentines day appropriate. I brought this dress from H&M maybe last year in the Summer so hopefully they may have it in stock again this year!! I feel as though this dress is perfect for going on a meal for valentine’s day or going to the cinema because it isn’t too tight but it does look very flattering!!! I will also be using my over the shoulder bag in grey as I feel it corresponds well with the outfit and also keeps everything safe while out!!



My Perfume of choice is the Chloé – Eau de parfum, I chose this one because my boyfriend brought it me a few months ago and I thought it would only be right to use it on special occasions and that’s exactly what I’m doing!! This perfume smells absolutely gorgeous and I would really recommend it to anyone (and on another note, it has the same name as me!!)

I really hope you enjoyed this blog post, It was sooooo much fun to write and I’d love to make more posts like this in the future, I just want to remind you that no matter if you’re in a relationship or you are single for valentine’s day, always treat yourself and make yourself your best self, you don’t need to be in a relationship to be happy, and always find your true self and love yourself because that is so important!! It’s took me a while but I think I finally have and that’s made me so much happier!! And always remember that and if there is anything you take away from this post, Choose Love, let nothing get in the way of that, I hope you all have an amazing day no matter what you’re doing and also enjoy Pancake day (I don’t know about you, I’m super excited!!) Thank you so much for all the support so far on my blog!!

Have an amazing week my lovlies ❤

I would love each and everyone one of you to interact with me in the comments, ill comment back as soon as I can (I promise!!) Please comment any blog posts you would be interested in seeing and I will make sure to post them (I would really appropriate your feedback) If you have any questions or suggestions or would simply like to get in touch, my email is and I aim to email back within 24 hours!! Thank you for reading my first blog post I hope it gave you an insight into who I am and I will be back on Wednesday evening at 6 GMT for another post…

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