My Spring/Summer Bucket List☀️

Hey everyone, I hope your all doing well x

So today I am going to be telling you my bucket list for both spring and summer and I am so excited for the snow to finally go (there is currently snow on the floor) so I can sort my spring/summer wardrobe and wear brighter and healthy looking makeup! I probably won’t complete all these goals but it’s the thought that counts haha. I actually can’t believe how fast this year has gone already, I started my blog in January and its already been 2 months, it’s literally so amazing! I am going to be telling you my top 5 goals of the season but before we get into it, go comment what your goals are for spring and summer because I’d love to know and I could add some of them to my bucket list!!

Let’s get straight into it, I hope you enjoy and if you do, don’t forget to like and follow for more x

1. To lose some weight/be happy with my body-

Recently, I’ve been really struggling with body confidence and over the past few months I’ve put on a few pounds since Christmas and I’d really like to burn that off and be the weight I was before because I was so much happier then. To do this I am going to try and go to the gym more frequently and eat a lot healthier, I have gone into depth on this with a recent blog post and if you’d like to see it, its here. I am also going to try and go on more walks, I haven’t really done this recently due to the weather and I’ve really missed it, I always like walking to cute parks or new places just to get some fresh air and also to take some photography because I feel like there is more character to a photo when you’re outside compared to the photo’s being taken in your room.

2. Declutter my life and try minimalism-

For years now I’ve been thinking of having a minimalism lifestyle but I’ve never really had the courage to do so, but since I’ve moved out to university, it has been so much easier to get rid of things and have a declutter every once in a while. I am one of those people who has way to many clothes and makeup and just a lot of stuff that I don’t even need. I was thinking that the spring/summer season is the best way to do this because I have to move out of my accomodation relatively soon and I don’t want to bring all the stuff that I don’t want to take all the things that I don’t need with me, I am going to be selling some of my clothes on ebay so if you are interested- my ebay  and if you would like a minimalism series of me sorting out different things, comment down below and I will do that. A minimalist lifestyle has always interested me and i’ve always thought that money doesn’t buy you happiness and I’d love to save more money instead of buying things that I will only like for a day.

3. Pre- write and schedule my posts-

In the next couple months I’ve got loads of assignments due in and i’ve got 2 exams and in this time I really don’t want to lack on blog posts so I’m going to try and pre-write loads of blog posts when I have some free time just so I’m not worrying about getting a blog post up and not rushing them last minute meaning they won’t be as good. Whenever I am stressed, I always like to write blog posts because it really helps me to relax and calm down and I enjoy it so much. Whenever I have pre- wrote a post it always makes me feel so much calmer so I’m going to try and do this more.

4. Travel more, and just be happier- 

My main goal of this spring/summer is to travel more and just simply, be happier. So, I’ve never left the country because I’ve never left the country, yes I am 18 and I’ve never left the country. I am going to apply for my first passport in april and hope it comes in time for summer so that I can go and see some new places and write some blog posts about it. When I think about it, I always get really bad anxiety about getting on a plane but i’m sure it would be fine. The first place that I’d love to go to is Rome, i’ve been looking at so many pictures and it just looks so so pretty. One of my main goals in life is to visit Japan/Tokyo, that has always been a dream and I hope that one day I am able to go!! In terms of being happy, I just want to be a lot happier and just go wherever the wind takes me and just not let anything get to me.

5. Do more creative and photography style blog posts- 

I have the tendency to stay in my comfort zone about blog posts and always doing makeup inspired posts because that is what I am comfortable with making but I really want to venture out and produce more artsy and photography inspired posts. I’ve always liked photography and it has been one of my hobbies for years and now that blogging is now one of my hobbies, i’d like to include some photography into it. I have also wanted to do some Fashion inspired posts because along with makeup, I am really passionate about fashion but I just get worried in case people aren’t going to like my style or my posts but now I want to get out of that. In the next couple months I am going to try and venture into different blog posts because I like my blog being some sort of diary that other people can see and get inspiration from and for me to look back on! If you have any blog post ideas, let me know in the comments, that would be really helpful!!!

I would love each and everyone one of you to interact with me in the comments, ill comment back as soon as I can (I promise!!) Please comment any blog posts you would be interested in seeing and I will make sure to post them (I would really appropriate your feedback) If you have any questions or suggestions or would simply like to get in touch, my email is and I aim to email back within 24 hours!! Thank you for reading my first blog post I hope it gave you an insight into who I am and I will be back on Wednesday evening at 4:30 GMT for another post…


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10 thoughts on “My Spring/Summer Bucket List☀️

  1. So much to talk about here! I don’t know how you feel about this but going vegan or vegetarian is one of the very best ways to control your weight. Just a suggestion you might try.
    I love that you’re wanting to venture into minimalism. I’ve been wanting to throw about 80 percent of what I own because I’m feeling overwhelmed by it. I love decorating and I’ll always keep a cool hipster type of style, but there’s just too many odds and ends in closets and drawers and I’m slowly saying screw all this stuff.

    You should definitely do fashion posts and experiment with what you’re passionate about. Always remember that if you’re talking to everyone, you’re talking to no one. Some people will like it and some might not. Do what you love for the people who dig it and then you’ll get a more loyal and genuine following. When I first started blogging I talked about and posted about a ton of different things and then I started seeing what I most enjoyed and narrowed it down from there to really create a strong brand. Sometimes you won’t know what you most like unless you try new things out. Plus, for me, not being too specific let’s me have more fun. Go out there and start photographing!

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    1. This was so amazing, thank you so much for this comment and I’ve been thinking of going vegetarian for a while and literally, I feel like I don’t need nearly half my things ha ha and thank you so much for the advise, I will really try venturing out on different blogs and this comment gave me so much motivation to do so, thank you so much xx

      Liked by 1 person

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