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Today I am back with something a little different and I am coming at you with a study with me as a university student, as it is coming up to the end of the second semester of my first year I thought that I would show you how I get all my assignments and exam revision done when I have a day off, every week, I have one full day off out of university as I don’t have any classes scheduled which is normally a Wednesday so I’ll usually take that day to catch up on any work that I have to do throughout the week. I try to do this every wednesday but realistically, I don’t but I do try to. The amount of work that I get given varies from week to week. I am going to be showing this as a day in my life and I will be telling you what times in which I do things etc. If you like these types of posts please comment down below and give me some ideas of some other blog posts you would like to see, let’s get straight into it, I hope you enjoy, if you do, like this blog post and give me a follow!!

10:00 – 10:15:

On a day off, I won’t wake up till around 10:00am only because I don’t want to wake up really early on a day off and the first thing that I will do before starting any work is make a to-do list as what I have to do isn’t really clear in my mind so I make a list to make sure that I do everything that I need to do and it just generally makes me feel less stressed and makes me feel like I can get it done because most of the time, I will think that I have way more work that I originally thought. This only takes me on average 15 minutes sometimes quicker dependent on if I have all my work written down elsewhere because most of the time I will forget ahaha. Before starting work, I will also have breakfast because I cant fully concentrate properly unless I’ve had something for breakfast. 

10:20 – 11:30:

When I have finished creating my plan, I will go in and do all the basic things that won’t take as long for example writing up notes which varies because some lectures are longer than others so they take more time. At the moment, I have around 3 lectures to write up and these will typically take me 20-30 minutes. When I am writing my notes, I will lay them out in columns depending on the subject, I will usually write down the title and then use bullet points to write the main points and for anything important, I will create a new heading and write about this in more detail. Using my Stabilo Boss Original Pastel highlighters, I will use the pink highlighter to highlight the keywords in the title and then I will use the orange highlighter to highlight any important information from the bullet points and then using the yellow highlighter to highlight any theorist’s and dates. For the title of each lecture, I will firstly write it with a highlighter and then I will go over this with my pen to make it look just a bit fancy because I am very fussy when it comes to what my notes look like. 

11:35- 12:00:

After writing up my notes, I will create any new flashcards based around the topics, one of my main tips for revising is using flashcards because they are just so useful and are really quick and easy to make, I will also make some flashcards on quizlet for the topics which are more heavy and take more revising because I can learn from them so much easier. Generally when I am making flashcards, I will only write a sentence of two because I feel that if I write too much, there is less chance of me remembering the definitions etc compared to only having 2 sentences. Another useful way of revising is making a mind map/poster, I’ve only just started doing this but I have seen a massive improvement to how much I remember because I generally will remember images more over letters so I will make a mind-map and poster including illustrations which makes it easier to memorize for an exam. I will also color divide my flashcards by module and I will use a pink highlighter to highlight the title and then the orange to highlight any key words from the definition.  

12:05 – 3:00:

This is the thing that will take up the main bulk of my time throughout the day and that is completing my assignments, altogether, I have 3 assignments which are all due after the Easter holiday and I will try to spend as much free time as I can adding to each assignment. I have been completing these assignments in the order in which I need to hand them in which makes it more clear to me and DE-stresses me knowing that I’m not spending all my time trying to finish something which isn’t due in yet. I will relatively spend around an hour on each assignment just to make sure that I’ve done some of each one because other times, I have neglected other assignments just to get the others done. Before I started any of my assignments, I produced a plan for each and I feel as though this is a really good idea to help build a structure and to understand it better. I will also have a break in between because my work can start to get sloppy when I’ve spent ages doing work and it just helps being relaxed plus I will eat in this time also.

3:30 – 6:00:

After spending nearly half my day doing assignments, I also have to remember that I have two exams in May so I should probably start revising for those too. On this specific day I went over an exam essay question and made a plan for the question and then I attempted to write an answer for the essay. I will also go over my flashcards which I usually do every day just because I have a really crap memory and I will forget the stuff really quickly and it just helps to stay fresh in my mind. I will also research over some of the topics which I don’t understand as well just to get a greater understanding of the topic. After this, I will normally take my big break which is around 2 hours just to get everything ready for lectures the next day and have food and just relax, because I can’t process all the work I have done that day ahaha. If I have anything left to do, I will usually try to do at least half of these tasks if not all and if not, I will finish for the day. And that is my study with me on a Wednesday, I hope you enjoyed!!

I would love each and everyone one of you to interact with me in the comments, ill comment back as soon as I can (I promise!!) Please comment any blog posts you would be interested in seeing and I will make sure to post them (I would really appropriate your feedback) If you have any questions or suggestions or would simply like to get in touch, my email is and I aim to email back within 24 hours!! Thank you for reading my first blog post I hope it gave you an insight into who I am and I will be back on Wednesday evening at 6 GMT for another post…


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