Testing New Skincare Products

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Today I am back with a testing post, I am going to be testing all the new Skincare products which I have recently picked up. So recently I’ve been really getting in to skin care and was getting bored of the normal skincare products which I have been using for the past 6 months so I decided to try out some new products, these were all brought from Body care, wilko and Home Bargains and Superdrug so they are all really affordable. A lot of this products are primarily focused around sensitive skin and I have very sensitive skin and my face is fairly dry with some oily patches for reference. I am going to be telling you my first impressions of all these products, ranging from face masks to moisturisers. If you would like to see anymore skincare posts let me know in the comments and give me some ideas of posts you would like to see also if you would like to see an updated skincare routine, let me know in the comments. If you are new to my blog, go check out all the recent blog posts because I have been really active recently and I would love to get to know some new followers!! Lets just straight into the post, I hope you enjoy and if you do, give this post a like and follow!! 

Primark Gentle Facial Cleansing wipes for sensitive skin-

I’ve been seeing a lot of new skin care products in Primark recently, I saw this after buying all of the other skincare products and I completely forgot about wipes. I have seen these around Primark over the years but I never thought to pick any up, even though you can get 3 for just £1!! There are a lot of different types of wipes for different skin types but I decided to pick up the sensitive skin ones because my skin is very sensitive. I will probably never buy any other face wipes besides these ones in a very long time. They are not too wet which is perfect because I hate the type of wipes where they are really wet and difficult to get the awkward spots on your face. These wipes get rid of all my makeup and also smooths and nourishes my skin ready for my skincare, there is nothing worse than doing a face mask with loads of makeup left on your face. I would really recommend these to anyone who is looking to not spend to much on wipes and a cheaper alternative to the Simple kind to skin ones. 

Cucumber Beauty Formulas clay mask-

Let me firstly say, this smells absolutely amazing, it smells so fresh which is an added bonus as this helps me to feel relaxed and it leaves my skin feeling really smooth. You get a lot of product and I think you could probably do around 10 face masks. I don’t tend to do face masks regularly but I really should because they leave my skin feeling really clear. I am going to try and do a face mask at least two times a week because they always tend to relax me also. This face mask helps to rejuvenates the skin and also helps to unblock my pores which is a bonus because I tend to get acne quite a bit.   

Skin Therapy Sensitive Skin Facial Wash-

I’ve tried quite a few Wilko Skincare products as they are really affordable and easy to get hold of. I tested this just after removing the face mask and this just helped to get rid of any left over makeup that the wipes didn’t get. This facial wash claims to have Aloe Vera which has proven to soften and soothe the skin which I really did notice when testing this out for the first time. You get quite a bit of product in the bottle which is really impressive as it was only £1. The way that I use this is I put a small amount of this in my hand and then I lathered it into my hands and then applied it to my face as evenly as possible and did this for around a minute and then I rinsed it off using a wet towel.

Derma v10 Micellar Cleansing water-

I have tested out quite a lot of micellar water products over the years and one of my favourites has got to be the Garnier SkinActive Micellar Water. I used this for the first time just after using the facial wash and I was really impressed. Even though all of the products helped to get rid of any makeup which I had on my face, this product helped to get rid of any dry patches and unblocked some of my pores on my face. This product didn’t cause any irritation to my eyes which was really good and this product also got rid of any dirt which was left over on my face. This left my face feeling very nourished and soft and also hydrated which was a very good thing because it always takes a lot for my face to feel hydrated especially in the winter but now that it is coming into Spring, it always feels good to have hydrated skin because it looks glowy. 

T-zone Blackhead Fighting Facial Scrub-

I tested this product out in the morning as I didn’t want to test out two facial washes in the same occasion because I won’t see the full effect. I have heard so many amazing things about the t-zone range and it is also so affordable so it was kinda hard to believe, but I was far from wrong. As this is a facial scrub, it left my face feeling really soft and I could really tell that this got rid of any dirt that I had accumulated in the night. I suffer with blackheads around my nose and on my upper lip and this really helped to get rid of the majority. To use this, I applied some water all over my face and then I put a small amount in my hand and lathered it together and placed it evenly around my skin and rubbed it in for around a minute and a half and rinsed it away with a wet towel. 

T-zone Charcoal Nose Pore strips-

This was one of those products which I was both scared but excited to try. I have heard a lot of things about this product saying that it is really painful to take off or that they are really good for removing any blackheads and dirt from around your nose and I would totally agree to both of them ahaha. I didn’t really know how to apply these at first but when id figured it out, it was pretty obvious ahaha. When I first put it on, i didn’t really feel an effect but then after around 5 minutes, it became stiff and then I knew it was actually working. I would recommend to leave this on for around 5 to 10 minutes. When I was taking it off, I would really recommend taking it off in just one movement because it will reduce the pain, I promise. It actually doesn’t hurt that much but as it is a very awkward area, it did hurt a little. When I looked at the strip, so much had come off and I know that is a bit TMI but oh well, I think the next time I use them I will leave it on for a lot longer to see if any more will come off. I think I will do one of these once a week. 

Skin Therapy Sensitive Skin Light Hydrating moisturiser-

This was another product which I purchased from Wilko and it is so good. I use this every morning and night and if I’m not wearing makeup, I will apply it a few times during the day just to make my face look refreshed and healthy. I didn’t really expect much from the price but it is really good and I think this will be my new everyday moisturiser. I have a lot of dry skin around a few areas on my face and it takes a lot to get rid of it, I used this for the first time and then all my dry skin was gone. I would really recommend this to anyone looking for a new moisturiser!!

ASDA little angels baby lotion- 

This one may seem a bit weird but over a couple of years I’ve heard that baby lotion is meant to be really good for the skin so I thought I would finally test it out. I once had a friend that used to use baby lotion twice a day on there face and then they never had spots, which is pretty good right??? I used this after I got out the shower and it made my body so smooth and then I tested it out on my face and oh my, id never felt my skin so smooth. I’ve been using this daily all over my body. This also creates a glow on the skin making me look more healthier because as I’ve said, my body is very dry and having that bit of moisture makes a huge difference. I know it seems weird but trust me, you should try it and thank me later!!

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