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Today I am back with another makeup tutorial with a bit of a twist, it’s going to be Easter themed and you know what that means, yellow and fresh and pretty. I’ve been planning this look for a while because I’ve been thinking how do I really create an easter look with the makeup that i’ve already got and how do I make it easy to follow etc. Easter is one of those seasons that just make me happy, I don’t really enjoy chocolate that much (only because I’m trying to eat a lot healthier ahaha) but it just screams spring and then I start to get excited for summer. When I think of easter all I see is yellow and my eye look is based on that theme. I am going to be using all the products that I already own so I haven’t gone to get any new products for this look.

Let’s get straight into it, I hope you enjoy and if you do, go give this a like and a follow to see more!


When I was planning this makeup look, I was thinking of how to do my base makeup and what type of products that I should use. I thought the best products I could use glowy makeup only because having glowy skin reminds me of spring and summer. Like every other makeup look, I will make sure to use moisturiser, the one I am using today is Baby Lotion, which sounds a bit weird but it is really good for the skin and makes my face feel so soft and glowy and makes my face makeup glide on and best of all, moisturises my face. The first product I will go in with the Makeup Revolution Conceal and Define Concealer¬†on my blemishes and under my eyes and any red patches on my face, I either blend in my concealer with a small flat top brush or when I’m in a rush, I just use my fingers because it is super quick and easy. This is the best concealer for this makeup look because it is really glowy and is really moisturizing. After I’ve blended all of this in, I will go in and use my Makeup Revolution pressed powder using the sponge that it comes with and gently apply this to my face, once I have done that, I will use a blending brush and wipe around my face to make sure that is all blended it and there are no dry patches on my skin. I will then take my¬†Freedom Contour and Highlight Kit¬†and use that contour shade and place it on my cheek bones and my forehead just so I can create that dimension and to give me a bit of colour because I’m very pale. Finally for my base, highlighter, I will apply this to the top of my cheek bones and along my nose and Cupid’s bow which is what I normally do. I felt like this was the best contour and highlight kit because the contour shade is perfect for the look because it is very subtle and the highlight was also perfect because it is a pure white shade and looks really glowy but also subtle on the skin.¬†


After doing all that, I will then go in and do my eyebrows and my eyeshadow, to do my eyebrows I went in and used my Freedom Pomade in shade dark brown to fill in my eyebrows creating an arch first and then lightly filling in the front of them. 

Now I will go in with the fun part, the eye shadow. To do this I will be using my Makeup Revolution¬†Re-Loaded palette Iconic Division palette and create a really basic yellow eyeshadow look. Using an eye blending brush, I took the closest base shade and run this through my crease to create a base shade and then I took the closest orange shade and then run this through my crease once again and then I placed it on my lower lash line to create a gradient. I then took the closest yellow shade and placed this on the whole of my lid and layered it, I then placed the rest on my lower lash line. I apologise that there isn’t any shade names which is only because the palette didn’t come with any shade names.¬†I will then go in with the same eyeliner and mascara that I normally use and then that’s the eyes done. The eyeliner is from essence and the mascara is from Primark.¬†


The second most hardest thing I had to think about with this makeup look is the lipstick, I wanted to use a peach toned lipstick because that colour always reminds me of spring and I just thought it would be perfect to finish off this look. The lipstick which I decided to use was MUA Lipstick- Peach Amber. 

I would love each and everyone one of you to interact with me in the comments, ill comment back as soon as I can (I promise!!) Please comment any blog posts you would be interested in seeing and I will make sure to post them (I would really appropriate your feedback) If you have any questions or suggestions or would simply like to get in touch, my email is chlolauren21@icloud.com and I aim to email back within 24 hours!! Thank you for reading my first blog post I hope it gave you an insight into who I am and I will be back on Wednesday evening at 6 GMT for another post…


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Links for all the products- 

  1. Makeup Revolution Conceal and Define Concealer co1- Link
  2. Makeup Revolution pressed powder –Link
  3. Freedom Contour and Highlight Kit 
  4. Makeup Revolution Re-Loaded palette Iconic Division palette Link
  5. MUA Lipstick- Peach Amber Link

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