Testing Tropic Skincare Products

Hey everyone, I hope you’re all doing well and welcome to my blog. So today I am back with one of my favourite types of blog posts and that’s skincare. I’ve recently became so obsessed with skincare and I find it so important to have a really good skincare regime which I’ve been trying to perfect. I’ve been looking around for some good skincare brands and I asked you all on twitter if you had any recommendations and then an ambassador from “tropic” got in touch and wondered if I wanted to test their skincare range. This is not an AD, they didn’t ask me to write a blog post about this set but I thought it would make a good blog post and maybe thought you’d be interested in seeing how well this skincare performs etc. I really hope you enjoy this blog post and if you do, make sure to give this a like and feel free to leave a comment because I am always up for receiving feedback, also, if you want to see more from me, make sure to give me a follow.

When I first opened this package I realised how beautifully packaged it was and the company also left a really cute note that I found really nice because they really didn’t need to take the time to write one. They sent me their travel size skincare set which was amazing because if you didn’t know, I’m going to Rome in a couple of weeks so these would be perfect to take with me. There was also a tiny booklet in the bag it came with giving instructions of how to use each product which I really liked because then I can use all the products properly. With the package came a big catalogue which is an amazing idea because they sell a ray of different products ranging from skincare to fake tanning and even beauty which I’m really interested to test out. In the set, there was the following; smoothing cleanser, vitamin toner which I was so intreaged to test out as it was in a liquid and spray form, skin revive, organic elixir and lip love balm. Below, I’ve included some photos so you can see a glimpse of what the collection looks like.


Now onto actually testing out the products, I am going to use all these products in correspondence with the rest of my skincare routine and I’ll let you know my thoughts on each item. So the first thing I did was take off all my makeup using a face wipe and then I washed my face using my everyday face wash from simple using my face cleansing brush. I then used the cloth that was also included in this set which is said to have little fragments that are used to cleanse the skin and I used this to pat my face dry before using any other skincare product. I then went in and used my everyday micellor water to get rid of any left over makeup that the brush didn’t get rid of. I then went in with the smoothing cleaner and it is directed to massage a small amount upon dry skin on both face and neck which helps with getting rid of impurities so I did just that, it is very smoothing but it is very oily so I wouldn’t recommend using this in the morning if your going to wear makeup because you don’t want to look oily. I would recommend this if you have very dry skin because it really brightens up your skin and makes it less dry.

Next I went in with the organic elixir which is directed to apply a few drops to your fingertips and then massage into face and neck, this is meant to help combat ageing and as I’m only 19 I directed this under my eyes and on my forehead and on my neck because these are all parts of your face that seem to age quickest. This was very soothing and it left my face feeling really smooth, I’ve never used an oil on my face before but I definitely will again.

I then went in with the vitamin toner and sprayed it all over my face and neck and then I rubbed it into my face and let it set into my face for a while before I put anything else on. This is is meant to keep your skin moisturised and when I felt my face, it felt so smooth and in the mirror it looked so moisturised and healthy which is amazing. I will definitely be using this again. Then I went in the skin revive and used this as a form of moisturiser and this is meant to help with nourishment which I definitely saw from using this. It left me with no dry patches on my face which is fairly hard because I have combination skin and I sometimes have very dry skin so I will be using this again. Finally, I went in and used the lip love balm which I found really interesting because not only can it go on your lips, it can also go on your nails, heels and elbows to combat dry skin. It smells really nice and it helped with my dry lips. I also tried it on my heels to see if it would combat dry skin and it did which I was so happy about. That’s the end of the review, I really hope you enjoy and I would really recommend this brand to anyone because there skincare is so good and nourishing, I would be so interested to test out the makeup which I may do in the future, thank you so much for reading, until next time x

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