Testing Garnier Rose Water Skincare

Hey everyone, I hope you’re all doing well and welcome to my blog. So today I am back with another skincare blog post and today I am going to be testing out Garnier makeup and the new Rose water range. If you can’t tell already, I am rather obsessed with skincare and I love testing out new skincare products. I asked on twitter on some skincare recommendations and some of you recommended the Garnier Rose water collection which comes with a soothing botanical toner, botanical day cream and soothing botanical cleansing milk. I really hope you enjoy this post, if you do, give this a like and a comment because I love receiving feedback and talking to you guys. Also if you’d like to hear more from me, give my blog a follow, I’m trying to get to 200 followers by the end of the August.

To go with testing out these products, I thought I would try out the Garnier Micellar water also, I know what your probably thinking, I’ve never tried the Garnier Micellar water? No I haven’t, I have no idea why either. All these products where so reasonable priced, both the toner and the cleansing milk were £1.69 each and the moisturiser was £2.50 and I got a mini version of the micellar water which was only £1. One thing I must add is that I’m obsessed with the packaging because it is so pretty and pink so it will look so good in photos. Another thing that I love about these products are that they are formulated just for dry and sensitive skin which is perfect for my skin because I do have very dry and sensitive skin. Another thing I absolutely love about this skincare brand is that they are all completely cruelty free which is amazing because I only use cruelty free products.

Now onto testing the products, I thought it would be a good idea to have a full face of makeup on for testing these products because the micellar water claims its meant to get rid of 100% of makeup so instead of using a face wipe firstly, i’m going to be using some cotton pads and only using the micellar water to test it out fully. The first place I wanted to test was my eyes, so I held the cotton pad on my eye for a few seconds and then I wiped it away and suprisingly, it got rid of most of my eye makeup, I just needed to run this under my eyes to get rid of any left over makeup which I was so impressed with, this product also didn’t cause any irritation to my eyes which I was worried about, I then did this on my other eye and It worked exactly the same. I then got another cotton pad and used the micellar water to run this around my face to red rid of my face makeup and this worked so well and even got rid of my MAC Lipstick which is really hard to get rid of. Based on the results, I would definitely recommend this micellar water if you don’t already own it that is.

Next up I went in and used the soothing botanical cleansing milk. This claims to sooth out the skin, remove makeup and impurities which leaves the skin feeling soothed. I put a fair amount of this onto a cotton pad and evenly placed run this over my face in circular motions. This product did get rid of a lot of left over makeup which the micellar water didn’t get rid of and I totally agree, it definitely made my skin feel so much smoother which I love. I also ran this along my neck and this got rid of any dirt that may of been on my neck, it is always important to run your skincare products along your neck because it is said that the neck is the first place that is meant to age so looking after it will slow that process down. This product didn’t cause any irritation to the skin because as I’ve said, I do have sensitive skin so I’m glad this is made for sensitive skin. Another thing I will add about these products are that they have a beautiful smell and they smell like they will really freshen up the skin.

The next product I went in and used with the soothing botanical toner. It claims that it gets rid of makeup residue and impurities along with toning the skin and leaving it feel smoothed. I also put this on a cotton wool pad and ran this along my face and neck in upwards motions which is a good time for reducing the look of wrinkles or developing them because you aren’t dragging your skin down. This product does exactly what it says it will, it got rid of some impurities and my skin felt so smooth. I have trouble trying to find a toner which doesn’t cause irritation and this one didn’t which I was really happy about.

Finally, I went in and used the botanical day cream. This claims that it intensely soothed the feel of your skin and leaving it soft and supple, it is also enriched with rose water, known for its soothing virtues also enriched in natural antioxidants to help protects the skin from the harmful affects of the environment which sounds amazing. I placed small dots of this all over my face and neck and then rubbed this in, in upwards motions and it definitely soothed out my skin, my face now feels so clean and smooth, I’ll definitely be using this on a daily basis a long with other products. I would really recommend this collection of skincare especially if you have very dry and sensitive skin, thank me later. Thank you so much for reading, until next time x

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