The DO’S and DON’TS Of Being A Fresher and starting university

Hey everyone, I hope you’re all doing well and welcome to my blog or welcome back to my blog. Today is the second instalment of my week of university posts, If you haven’t already read yesterdays blog post, I would recommend reading that first, it includes my advice on starting and preparing for university. In today’s post I’m going to be telling you the do’s and dont’s of being a fresher and starting university, because there’s a lot. I really hope this post helps. If you like this post, make sure to give this a like and also leave a comment with any questions you may have because I love communicating with you, also if your interested in seeing the rest of the blog posts throughout the week or simply want to read more from me, give me blog a follow.

The DO’s

Pack and unpack everything as soon as possible, there’s no point starting this too late because you will soon realise that it will take a long time to pack everything, much longer than you’d initially think. You should also unpack everything as soon as you arrive at university, this is because the kitchen can become very cramped the first day you move in so unpacking all your kitchen things as soon as possible helps stop the mad rush into the kitchen and it becoming cramped. This also helps to make yourself feel at home and being in a clear space can make you feel so much calmer because starting university can be very stressful so getting everything done as soon as possible can be good. I would also recommend leaving your door open while you unpack because it can make your flat mates feel more welcomed to talk to you and it can make it easier to spark a conversation because there’s nothing worse in not knowing what to say to someone.

Go to as many social events as possible, this is really important for making friends and having a social life which is really important at university because you’ve moved out and you need friends around you. Remember, everyone is in the same boat as you and is waiting for someone to reach out to them and talk to them so always spark a conversation with someone because you never know, they may become your best friend at university.

Find the time to explore the area of your university especially the grounds of the university. There is a lot to explore when you get to university, its a great opportunity really so take it as it comes, it can also feel quite overwhelming so always do it with a friend because that can build a friendship. It is also a good idea to find out where your first lecture will be based because there’s nothing worse than turning up to your first lecture late and this will stop the anxiety from being all over the place on the morning of not knowing where your lecture is.

Learn to cook a few meals before going to university because in the first month, I was guilty of only purchasing Domino’s and takeaways because I had no idea what to cook, cooking is really fun when your cooking something new. Obviously have the occasional takeaway but don’t rely on these as your meals and using it as an excuse not to go into the kitchen and cooking yourself a meal, also don’t just live off pasta because that is something else I’m guilty off.

The DON’Ts

Don’t drink or binge drink if you don’t want to, I’ve seen so many people at my university who will drink just to fit in with others and you shouldn’t do it to please people, no matter how many friends you wish to have. Also, control how much you drink because there’s nothing worse than embarrassing yourself in front of people you’ve only just met because trust me, they will use it against you for a long time. Also, don’t act like someone your not because people will like you for the way you are and the real friends will 9 out of 10 chances, love you for who you are.

Don’t get into a habit of going home every time you are feeling homesick, this can make it so much worse, the best thing to do is to leave it another week so you are able to adjust into your new living environment and it will soon fade, yes I still miss living at home whenever I’m at university and I’m loving the time I’m having at home over the summer but when I first started university, I would go home every weekend because a lot happened the first couple weeks of university and I felt really anxious so going home was the only thing that helped but in the long run, it didn’t help at all because I was becoming reliant on it but it felt so much better being able to be at university and becoming way more independent.

Don’t splash all your student loan at once, I know it can be exciting to have all this money you got for free but remember you have to pay it back in the future and learning from experience, the money can go fast and there’s nothing worse than being knee deep in overdraft and struggling to pay for food. On the other hand, don’t not spend because then you won’t have fun so my advice is to make a money plan and plan out how much your going to spend on food and the essentials each week and pay your rent as soon as you get your student loan so you know exactly how much money your going to have. These are all the do’s and don’ts to freshers and starting university, I really hope this helps, thank you so much for reading and my next blog post will be up tomorrow x

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