Things I Wish I knew before starting University

Are you wondering how different university is going to be to home life and if there’s anything you should know before you go out in the wide world and be independent, you’ve come to the right place, in today’s post I am going to be telling you the things I wish I knew before starting university, trust me, their are a lot. I’ve now got a year of experience of university under my belt so I’ve learnt quite a lot I didn’t know about university before starting. This is also the last instalment to my mini series based on university so if you’d like to check those out first then head to the university sector of my blog for more. If you enjoy, give this a like and if you have any questions, leave a comment also if you want to see more from me, follow my blog.

Your student Loan money is not free money so use it wisely, university doesn’t come cheap

Your student loan isn’t given to you for free to splurge on all the things you’ve never been able to afford, spending in university can be quite tight so it is always important to budget your money from the start, also remember when university ends, all this money needs to be paid back.

Your first year counts 

Your first year of university is a massive roller coaster and it doesn’t come easy, they may say that year 2 and 3 are the most important because both these years contribute to your overall grade but use first year to learn about the system and how to write assignments and exams so don’t just miss some lectures in the thought of the year not counting.

Look after yourself both mentally and physically

It can be easy to forget about yourself mentally and physically because I know you can not go in the shower because you don’t have your parents telling you what to do so it is important to keep clean also when it come’s to food, feed yourself the same kind of food you would eat at home, learn new recipes and experiment with food because I know it can be easy to just order Domino’s every day.

Don’t leave referencing in your assignments till last

I’ve learnt this the hard way but leaving your referencing to last minute can a really bad idea because you may forget where you got the reference from the very beginning of your assignment so you should add your references as you go so you aren’t spending hours searching for the references of each quote.

The Student’s Flu is not a myth

Before starting university I remember hearing about the students Flu and I didn’t believe it to be true but I can tell you it is, I spent a week without speaking because I lost my voice so always come prepared, bring paracetamol and cold flu tablets, they will come in handy, trust me.

Enjoy every moment of university

I’ve learnt from my first year of university that university tends to fly by so enjoy every single moment, a great tip is to get everything done as soon as possible so you can go and have fun, university is one big roller coaster full of new opportunities, people and new experiences so go out and enjoy all of them. That’s the end of all the things I wish I knew before starting university and I really hope you enjoyed this series on blog, I’ve really hope you’ve enjoyed reading them just as much as I’ve loved writing them.

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3 thoughts on “Things I Wish I knew before starting University

  1. I just started university 5 weeks ago and I’m already struggling with looking after myself mentally and physically. I’m just not able to have so much free time and I’m definitely not spending it the right way. x

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    1. University can definitely take a toll on a person mentally and physically, it definitely did me, it’s definitely important to find some time to take time out to have some time to yourself, maybe have a pamper evening or spend some time talking to people from home, that definitely helped me x

      Liked by 1 person

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