What I think of the H&M size range for someone who is a size 12, does it affect mental health?

Let’s talk about the H&M sizing, I think everyone has experienced some sort of problem in terms of H&M sizing especially in bottom’s because they run rather small. In my experience, I’ve had a lot of trouble when it comes to the way I perceive myself in the mirror and I’m a regular girl who is between the sizes of 10 and 12, In today’s post, I am going to be doing something different on my blog which I’ve wanted to do more of on here and I’m going to be expressing my view on the sizing and how it can effect mental health.

A few weeks ago, I wen’t into H&M as I was looking for some shorts and I spotted this black ones that were in the sale and I was looking through and I saw a size 12 and it honestly looked like a size 8, there was literally no way I was going to get these past my thighs and from someones perspective of having body dysmorphia and eating problem’s, this made me feel so much bigger than I actually was (in no way am I saying anyone who is a size 12 is perceived as being big its just my mental illness and I want to show my perspective through my own eyes so please don’t take offence). I’ve been suffering with body problems and eating problems for a while now which I may go into more detail in another post but I became obsessed with the weight I was and how I looked and I was always looking at my size in the mirror at least 10 times a day so I thought I would put this post out there to help others. In the changing rooms, I also tried on a size 14 and 16, I know, a 16 which is 2 sizes up from what I am in other stores and guess what, the size 14 hardly went up on my thighs and then I tried on the size 16 they fit perfectly but they were still quite small when it came to my thighs which obviously didn’t help at all. The size 14 almost looked like a size 10 and then the 16 fit like any normal 16 would. In the instance of this post and for the pure purpose of this post, I decided to purchase these shorts just to show a comparison of sizing when it comes to other sizes in different stores which fit me perfectly in a size 12. These are the images of the size 16 shorts compared to other size 12 jeans/bottoms from different high street stores etc.

When it comes to the effect on mental health and eating disorders, this made me see my body in such a different light for the next couple of days to probably a few minutes before trying on the shorts, if someone is experiencing a more broader mental illness to my own, I feel this can have a rather negative effect to someones mental health and I can honestly say, I didn’t want to eat for the next couple of days. In my own opinion, I think that H&M should amend their sizing or change the sizes on the products to a size lower than they are stating because it will help people when finding their correct size. Another thing I thought I would mention is I was looking at the size range in women jeans and the highest is a 20/22 but if I’m a size 12 and the lowest size that fits me is a size 16 then what about the individuals who are a bigger size to me? I think this can have a contributing effect to mental health because if the highest size doesn’t fit that individual, they may perceive themselves as being bigger than they are and this can contribute to eating disorders and body dysmorphia.

I asked you on twitter and Instagram for some of your opinions on the H&M and I thought I would add some just to show others opinions on the situation, one person said that if you don’t fit into the size you originally think you were, you will fear you have put on weight contributing to feeling bad about yourself which I 100% agree with. Another individual said that when they were 15/16 they had trouble with sizing and they were are 10/12 and also had to purchase a 16 which contributed with there eating disorder which I 100% agree with also and I can definitely relate. I also did a poll on twitter asking if everyone thinks the sizes need to be adjusted to actually fit the sizes presented on the label and I was shocked at the response, 100% of people who responded saying yes that H&M should adjust their sizing. I’ve also heard that they are changing up the sizing which is amazing. I want to say a massive thank you for the contribution to this post, I’ve really enjoyed having other opinions to add to this post.

Id love to hear what you guys think on this whole thing, lets start up a conversation in the comments! My next blog post will be up on Wednesday where I will be giving my advice on how to pack carry on so watch out for that but for now, thank you so much for reading, let me know if you’d like to see more posts like this on my blog! Until next time x

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2 thoughts on “What I think of the H&M size range for someone who is a size 12, does it affect mental health?

  1. Hi Chloe,

    You make a lot of good points here. I’ll send you a longer reply later when I have time. I think this is important and you should try to approach the fashion chains about this. Hope you get some other replies in the meantime 👌

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