How I’ve Lost The Weight I have in 4 months

Hey everyone, I hope you’re all doing well and welcome to my blog or welcome back to my blog. Today I’m going to be writing another Fitness post which I haven’t wrote in what feels like forever. I’ve lost quite a lot of weight over the past 4 months and I’ve been asked by various people how I’ve lost the weight I have so I thought I would write a whole blog post about it. I really hope you enjoy this post, if you do, give it a like and leave a comment because I love to hear feedback from everyone and talk to you also if you’d like to see more from me, give me a follow for more.

Eating healthy and binning the junk food

Before I started my journey to loosing weight, I was guilty of having a lot of junk food and the occasional Mcdonald’s and KFC and I never used to eat any form of fruit and vegetables so when I started my journey, I ditched the junk food and ate loads of fruit and vegetables and I tried so many new fruit and I think that’s what motivated me the most, being able to try new fruit and being food adventurous.

Going to the gym and working out more

Going to the gym was probably the best decision I’ve ever made and it’s changed me so much and me not being able to go while being at home has been so annoying but I’ve been working out everyday for 30 minutes each day which has also improved my health so much. I can’t wait for September to be able to go back to the gym.

Walk 10,000 steps each day

Walking can be such a great way to get in shape and get healthier. 10,000 steps can build up quite quickly especially throughout the day so instead of catching the bus to your local town, why don’t you walk or if your taking your sister or brother to school, why don’t you walk them, you will see so many benefits from doing this.

Drink LOADS of water and cut out the fizzy drinks

There’s never too much water, water is such a great way of loosing weight and it is always a good tip, when you feel hungry, drink a glass of water first because you never know, you may just be dehydrated. It is always important to be hydrated and there are so many health benefits from this. If you get bored easily of water, why not add a slice of lemon because this can give a lot of flavouring to the water and there are sooooo many health benefits with lemon water. You should also cut out all the fizzy drinks because these contain so many calories which is really bad when losing weight.

Eat out only once every two weeks or month

One of the main reasons I put on so much weight is because I used to eat out quite a lot and the money you have from university goes over your head. I’ve restricted myself to eating out only once a month including Mcdonald’s and takeaways because these have so many calories which really doesn’t help when loosing weight.

Write down your goals and keep on top of them

Having goals will give you that motivation each day of what you want to achieve because like everything else, there will be set backs and that’s the time you need to pull through. Goals will also help you to see progress along the way, whether that’s a new weigh in each week or learning to cook a healthy meal, this will help you to see progress and keeps you motivated also.

Cut out dairy and meat

As I have Lactose intolerance and I’m Polo-vegetarian I’ve had to cut out all dairy products and I’ve also made the decision to cut out meat besides chicken because red meat is really bad for the environment and for the body and I’ve seen a massive improvement in my health and the way I look since cutting them out because I was always so bloated if I had anything dairy so cutting it out has been so amazing for my body. These are all the ways I changed up my diet and lost weight within 4 months, you shouldn’t push yourself to be unhealthy when losing weight, just do it naturally. If you have any questions, ask in the comments and until next time x

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