How I deal with my Anxiety, should more be done to help?

Anxiety, a mental illness that so many people deal with on a daily basis, some more than others, how do people deal with it at the worst of times? because I know there have been times where I’ve been alone and had a panic attack and I’ve not known how to make myself feel better but for the couple of years I’ve dealt with anxiety and I’ve came up with ways to help whenever I’m on the train by myself or I’m in a busy place. Before getting into this post, I thought I would give you a little bit of history into my anxiety, so I have really bad social anxiety and I will get very anxious when I have to do any situation around people. I’ve only been to the doctors once but they told me I’d grow out of it but I’ll talk about that more later so I never went back to receive any more help. I’ve received counselling once but that was only to help with my depression but it never really helped much with my anxiety. Now, I’m going to be telling you the ways I deal with my anxiety etc and I really hope some of these help.

Take it slow and just breath

If you can and are in a situation where you can, step to the side or if your on the train, go to the toilet and just breath, I know it’s way harder than it sounds because breathing kind of feels impossible when your having a panic attack and just take the time to calm down and think of the outcome of you doing these things. I have the worst anxiety when it comes to doing a presentation so just breathing and thinking about how you will feel when the thing is complete and that seems to help so much.


When I’m thinking about something that is going to happen in a few days and I have really bad anxiety about something I always find it helped when I do some exercise, it focuses your mind on the exercises you are doing at the time and it really seems to help me. There are other things you could do like meditation or yoga because these seem to help too, I haven’t done much meditation for a while but when my anxiety was at its worst I used to do meditation for around 20 minutes and that really helps.

Push yourself to do what you think you can’t do 

Since I turned 19, I’ve pushed myself so much to do things I’ve always wanted to do but my anxiety has stopped me from doing and I just wanted to kick Anxiety in the ass and do them. Some examples are booking a holiday abroad and getting a tattoo, If you’ve read my other posts, you would have known I’ve always wanted to go abroad but I was very worried about doing so but I’m so excited to be going to Rome which I’m going in 5 days when your reading this. I also got a tattoo a few weeks a go which I’ve literally wanted for the longest time and I bit the bullet and finally got one and I’m so so happy I finally did.

Positive thinking

Learning to think positive is also an important step in learning to cope with your anxiety. There are ways to train yourself to think positively, including faking Positivity, writing in a positive journal, and spending time with more positive people. This will really help when you are at your lowest and thinking everything will be okay makes it so much better.

Understanding your anxiety and what sets it off

When I first got anxiety I never understood what set it off until I realised it was mainly happened when I was around loads of people or when something significant would happen. Understanding your anxiety is probably the most important thing you can do because you will know what situations will set it off and then you can think of ways to deal with this.

Now in terms of the help there is out there for mental health specifically anxiety, I feel there should be way more done in terms of helping. I 100% support the NHS and I’m so thankful for everything they do for everyone. I just feel as if more funds should be put in from the NHS to help people who have severe anxiety because from my own experience, they won’t give you help or give you time to fully explain your illness but when you try to but you feel as if you don’t have the time to do so. From my experience, I once got the courage to go to the doctors about my anxiety because I honestly felt like I needed the help and they turned round to me and told me I’ll get over it and it’s not that serious even though I had told them I’ve had suicidal thoughts. There are so many people who I’ve heard from who have been too scared to go to the doctors or getting professional help because they were scared of the response. Some people have to pay so much money to get private help but they can only pay it for a short period of time because it’s so expensive so it doesn’t help in the long run.

That’s everything in terms of this post, thank you so much for reading and I hope some of this has been helpful, let me know in the comments your coping mechanisms for your anxiety because I’d love to try something new. There will be a new post up on Wednesday where I’ll be talking you through the beauty products I’ll be packing, until next time x

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