Travelling with Panic Attacks and Anxiety

You may think your Anxiety and Panic Attacks are going to stop you from travelling but guess what, however hard it is, their not. Travelling has always been something I’ve been wanting to do and having anxiety about it isn’t making it an exciting experience. Being nervous and facing your fears can be hard and scary but lets face it, we can’t let our Anxiety win. I’ve came to the realisation now that you need to push yourself and as soon as you do it, you will feel so much better in doing so.

Fortunately for you, I’m going to be sharing some of my tips on how you can manage your anxiety while travelling so in turn, you can enjoy your trip.

Use distractions, such as reading a book

When your on the plane or even train or any form of transport, you should try to keep yourself occupied and distracted, this will make travelling so much easier. It is important to put your focus elsewhere instead of bringing all your focus to your anxiety and everything that is happening around you because this will only make it worse and it may bring on a panic attack. Use all the negative thoughts you may have about travelling and all the negative things that could go wrong and turn them into positive scenarios such as the destination and how you will feel when you’ve finally accomplished travelling and reached the place, this will help you to feel positive about the while situation. The one thing I’m thinking of bringing is a journal to distract myself and to write about the experience so I can keep it documented.

Stay relaxed

Being comfy in where you are sitting can make you feel comfortable and can also make you feel at home and this can calm down your anxiety. Make sure you breath in and out and focusing on your breath can keep you calm and stop you from having a panic attack. You could also try and get into a yoga position to help bring awareness to the body and mind which will help combat anxious feelings.

Be prepared for the trip 

One of the main reasons I get anxious is having the feeling of forgetting something or something going wrong so making a list of everything you need and make sure, before going to check if you have every single thing. Also, be prepared for the feelings you are going to feel when you are on the transport and think of the things you are going to do to combat them. Practise these techniques when you start to get to get anxious before the trip because if your anything like me, I get anxious around a month before so see if these techniques work and which one works best for you.

Accept your going to get anxious and don’t try to stop it

Something I tend to do a lot is trying to stop myself from getting anxious but that isn’t going to help because you will just feel bad for feeling anxious when it is totally normal. The best thing to do is just accept that your going to become anxious and deal with it on your own terms and use your own ways to stop yourself from being anxious or at least help.

These are all the tips I have when it comes to having anxiety and panic attacks while travelling, just remember that it’s totally normal to be anxious and people won’t think any different of you if you have a panic attack. Use distractions but don’t force yourself to do anything. Thank you so much for reading, if you do, let me know in the comments, also, there will be an exciting blog post on Friday, it’s going to be my Autumn fashion must haves, until then x

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