Rome Diary: 72 hours in Rome 2018- Day 2 & 3

If you haven’t already, I uploaded day one of my trip to Rome a few days ago so I’d recommend heading over to my blog and having a read of that post first to get an insight into the trip so far and everything we saw in that day.

Following on from my previous post, I am going to be telling you about day 2 and 3 of my trip in Rome, both of these days weren’t as hectic as day one, we didn’t do as much so I thought it would be easier to combine day 2 & 3 together to make it an easier read.

So, the first thing we did in the morning was obviously get ready, we then made our way to the train station from our hotel because at the time, we were planning on going to Naples to split up the days of being in Rome and it was pretty close to Rome and I really wanted to visit Naples so we thought it would be a good idea. Once we got to the main train station, we went to book the tickets to go but they were by far too expensive and we didn’t want to spend most of our money travelling and being on the train for 3 hours of the day.

The main train station in Rome has a downstairs where there are loads of shops so we had a mooch around them before deciding that we were going to go to the nearest beach to Rome which was only a 20 minute drive in the car, unfortunately we didn’t have a car so we took the train to the airport where we had anticipated to walk from there as it was only a 3 minute drive but it equivilated to an hour walk as we couldn’t walk on the motorway so we decided to get an Uber and then a shuttle bus back into central Rome.

Once we finally got to the beach, it was so beautiful and way different than I’d expected, I didn’t really expect much as it’s a beach by the city and the beaches in the UK aren’t as nice as say Spain but I was so surprised at how beautiful it actually was.

Something I absolutely love about Rome is the amount of palm tree’s and cacti there is, it looks so beautiful and makes Rome look more exotic than it actually is. We sat on the beach for a couple of hours and we took some photo’s which I’m absolutely in love with. Also, if your interested in seeing more images from my trip to Rome, I’ve posted quite a few over on my Instagram which is @chlolaurenn21.


After spending a couple hours at the beach which was lovely, we had a wonder around the shops by the beach and it was by the boats so we looked at all the docks and it was so lovely. It was starting to get late so we made our way to where the bus shuttle bus would pick us up which takes us straight into Rome central for only 6 euro which was amazing because we were quite far away from the central. We was on this coach for around an hour and then we headed back to our hotel where we got some pizza, of course and just chilled for the rest of the evening, As you can tell we had a very chill day on the second day which I’m happy we did as the first day was very overwhelming and I just needed a relaxed day.

Now onto the 3rd day which was our final day before our very early flight the next morning, again, the first thing we did was get ready and then we headed into central Rome and the first thing we did while we were there was get some breakfast, I just had a fruit bowl which I absolutely loved, this was the only healthy thing I had on this trip bearing in mind.

As it was our last day, we made a list of all the places we hadn’t been to yet just to make sure we got to see everything. From the list, the first place we went to were the Spanish Steps, even though their only steps, they were so beautiful and all the houses around them made it look so much prettier. There’s also a fountain at the bottom which is such a good idea in Rome, I can’t tell you the amount of bottles of water we purchased on this trip.

There’s one thing I didn’t like about the last day and that was how anxious I was and that wasn’t helped by the amount of people trying to sell us things, if your someone like me and doesn’t like to talk to anyone that you don’t know, bear in mind that at the Spanish steps there are a lot of people trying to sell you things and in my experience, they try to force you to buy it, for example, we got stopped by this man who was making bracelets and he forced my boyfriend into having one made on him even though he was saying no and at the end he was asking for 10 euro, for a bracelet that was made out of string, just bear that in mind when your going round. But it was worth it as the view from the top was so beautiful.


One thing I’m absolutely in love with when it comes to Rome is the streets, their all so different and all the houses are so different to the UK so looking at them never gets boring, once we’d been to the Spanish steps, we decided to have a walk around and just take in the views of the streets, I’d love to own a flat or something with a balcony view because imagine the view.

We then had a look around some of the shops that were near by, something I was probably too excited about was an IKEA which wasn’t a massive warehouse, it was just a small shop and it was so cute, I was sad that I couldn’t purchase anything because I wouldn’t have got it through security. We then went in some other shops and I wanted to pop in Zara because I saw a dress I really loved but of course, knowing my luck, I couldn’t find it anywhere so I was really upset about that.

We then headed to the Vatican which we didn’t go in but we just wanted to have a quick look from the outside, I kind of regret this as my anxiety was already really high and there were so many people trying to sell tours as we were walking around and it got highly annoying and that’s where I had my first anxiety attack of the trip. I took some photos around here and then we had a quick walk around the streets, of course.


We then headed back to the hotel after this as we had loadssss of packing to do for our fight home and we had to get some sleep as our flight was at 6:30. I’m so lucky to have been able to go to Rome and I absolutely loved the trip and I’m so sad that I’m no longer there. I would definitely go there again in a few years and I’d love to see more of Italy. I really hoped you enjoyed both of these blog posts. Thank you so much for reading.


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