Top 5 Autumn Fashion pieces in my wardrobe

Happy first of October, how exciting, it’s the month of Halloween and that makes me so excited!! Autumn and fashion has got to be my favourite combo, narrowing down my favourite Autumn pieces into 5 was pretty difficult but I do have some winning contenders. Autumn fashion has definitely got to be my favourite, I definitely haven’t got all my Autumn pieces as I’ve just ordered some other pieces but I thought I’d show you my top 5 fashion pieces at the moment. Let me know in the comments what your favourite Autumn clothing piece is because I’d love to know. Also, on Wednesday I will be uploading my top 5 beauty products for Autumn so keep your eyes peeled for that.

So, my first favourite is probably my favourite thing in this post and I can’t wait to wear them in the later months and those are,

Denim Culotte dungaree’s

I’ve been on the hunt for some new dungaree’s on the high street but I never managed to find any that picked my fancy. At uni there was a vintage clothing sale which was so exciting and I picked up these dungaree’s at the very end but was really unsure to whether they’d fit and I’m so happy I decided to pick them up because I am absolutely in love with them, they fit perfectly and they can be warn on so many ways, I’ve warn them so many times already and to top it all off they were only £12 which was definitely a bargain.

As seen in the previous image, I am wearing the dungaree’s with an off the shoulder long sleeved black top which is definitely my go to but I would also wear them with a white jumper which will be mentioned later on in this post with some Chelsea boots or when it comes to the winter I could wear them with a long sleeved top and a teddy bear coat.

Khaki Green Jumper dress

Jumper dresses are definitely my favourite in Autumn especially with knee-high boots, I’ve had this jumper dress for a couple of years now but I’m still so in love with it. I got it from H&M a few years back and it’s still in perfect condition. I love wearing jumper dresses when it comes to Autumn because when it’s that little bit warmer, you can wear them bare-legged with some boots or when it’s colder outside, I tent to wear it with some thick tights, Chelsea boots and a hat which is such a vibe.

Burnt orange button down top

I’ve had my eye on this top for a few months now but it was a bit more expensive that I normally spend so I held off but now that I own it, I’m so happy and it was definitely worth the money. This top was from Miss Selfridge, I’d recommend you going in the store or having a look online because they have some really nice bits in at the moment. This top was originally £22.99 for reference but as I’m a student I managed to get 20% and it was £17 which is a pretty good deal.

In terms of styling this top, I will usually wear it with some culotte jeans that I picked up from New Look at such a bargain, they were on sale for £8 and they fit perfectly. When I want to wear a more autumn style outfit, I would pair this top with a gingham skirt and some tights and Chelsea boots, I would also then add a white cardigan for warmth.

White oversized jumper

I’ve featured this jumper on Instagram a fair few times and so many people are in love with it, just like I am. I’m one of those people who never thinks white suits them but when I first tried on this jumper, I was in love. There is detailing on the front of the jumper which makes it look so much more expensive than it originally was. For reference, I got this jumper from H&M for only £12.99 which is such a bargain especially for the quality of the jumper. I’m looking forward to wearing this a lot when it comes to Autumn and winter.

When it comes to styling this jumper, the options are endless. This is such an easy piece to style and it especially looks good with denim. I would style it with the dungarees’ I mentioned earlier and I would also wear them with my denim culotte jeans. I could also wear this jumper with a skirt and some tights and that would make the perfect Autumn look.

Tweed style blazer

Last but not least, the thing everyone has been talking about, a tweed style blazer, I feel like I’ve seen these everywhere on Instagram lately which I’m so happy about because I wouldn’t have had a clue on how to style one let alone have the confidence to wear one. This style of blazer is quite sentimental to me which sounds kind of cliché but there you are. I got mine from a charity shop and it’s in such great quality, I only paid £8 for it which was a bargain as I’ve been seeing these blazers go for much more expensive, it was originally from Next for reference.

One outfit which I think this blazer goes perfectly is the one that is shown in this image, the red’s correspond perfectly together and it brings such an Autumn feel to an outfit, especially adding the tights and boots. I also feel this blazer would look amazing with a plain black dress for a more dressy or formal occasion or it could be dressed down with some high-waisted jeans and a plain black top.

There’s all 5 of my Autumn must haves, thank you for having a read, if you liked this and want to see more from me, head over to my blog and give a cheeky follow for more. Also, I uploaded an Autumn try on haul a few days a go so if you want to have a look at any other Autumn pieces I’ve picked up recently, check it out here. Look forward to seeing you Wedneday x

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  1. hi lauren, just wondering, was there a label on the dungarees? The look F A B and I’ve been looking for a similar pair online but can’t find any! Need them ASAP :)))) they’re gorgeous!! Thanks so much, Miriam x (@surfandplants on Insta)

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