Top 5 Autumn Makeup Favourites

If anyone knows me, they would know I’m a total Makeup hoarder and I love anything makeup, I’ve took a back seat when it comes to makeup/beauty on my blog because lifestyle and travel suits more me and my personality but I definitely want to incorporate beauty into my lifestyle posts. As you can see from the title. I am going to show you my top 5 Autumn Makeup Favourites which suit the orange and warm toned needs in Autumn. If your new here, I uploaded ‘my top 5 Fashion fav’s on Monday so if you want to have a nosey at those, you can click here.

The first makeup product I want to talk about is something I picked up recently and that’s;

Revolution Palette in Iconic Fever

This palette holds all the Autumn heavenly needs when it comes to creating that perfect warm toned look. I was a bit late in terms of picking this palette up because it’s been out for a while and it’s only £4 which is an absolute bargain. All the shades are so so pigmented that you can’t almost believe that the palette was only £4. You can create so many looks with this palette and I especially love the deep orange and red shades in this palette.

MAC Retro Matte in ‘Burnt Spice’

This has been my favourite lip colour since summer, I’m just obsessed with how dark of a nude it is and it goes so well with any makeup look. This lip colour looks so perfect for Autumn because you can make the eye look the centre of attention and when it comes to the lips you still have something there that isn’t too in your face like a dark lip. I got this for my birthday but I will be definitely buying more as they are definitely worth the money as when I put it on first thing in the morning the lipstick is still on in the late afternoon which is pretty amazing.

Sephora Lipliner in shade ‘Deep Ruby’

When we wen’t to Rome it was the first time that I was able to go in Sephora and one of the products I picked up was this lipliner in the shade ‘deep ruby’ this is such an amazing deep red colour which would go perfectly with any Autumn look and would also look amazing with a Christmas makeup look. This lip liner was only 4.99 euro which was pretty good, I kind of regret not getting the full sized version because I love it that much but I definitely will next time I go travelling. It’s so pigmented on the lips and sometimes I really like to use lip liners instead of lipsticks as the pigmentation stays so much longer compared to other lipsticks I’ve tried.

Makeup Revolution Contour, Highlight and blush palette in shade one

This is such an amazing palette for when your on the go as it’s so compact but everything in the palette is so pigmented. I love this palette especially for autumn as the contour shade isn’t to warm so it goes so well with Autumn makeup looks. My favourite thing about the palette is the highlighter, in summer I tend to wear a white highlighter but the one in this palette has a golden tint to it making it perfect for Autumn looks as it doesn’t stand out too much. This palette is so affordable also, it’s only £3.50 so if your looking for a new contour palette, I’d definitely recommend this one.

Revolution Contour and Conceal Concealer

This has been a favourite of mine for a couple months now but I stopped using it as I ran out and didn’t purchase another one but recently I picked a new one up in a lighter shade and it’s the perfect shade for me now! I have it in shade 0.5, yes that’s how pale I am but it works amazingly on the skin. I’ve been breaking out recently as it’s been my time of the month but this concealer has worked amazing at covering them up. I really want to test out the matching Foundation but I haven’t got round to doing so quite yet.

That’s all of my makeup favourites, are any of these one of your favourites? Let me know in the comment’s what your makeup favourites are as I’d love to know! Thank you so much for reading and I look forward to seeing you on Friday for a new post x

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