Burnt Orange Autumn Makeup Look

As I’ve probably mentioned a billion times before, I’m obsessed with burnt orange shades especially in makeup. I’m going to be showing you a makeup look I’ve been doing a lot recently and I’ve had so many questions about the products I’ve used and how I’ve done this eye look. If you like this this makeup look and want to see more looks from me, let me know in the comments and I’d love to write those for you. Let’s get straight into the makeup look.


If you haven’t read any of my makeup looks before, I don’t tend to use Foundation as I don’t like how it looks on the skin and I love my base makeup to look natural. So, the concealer, the basis of the whole makeup look, I use the Revolution Conceal and Define concealer which is definitely one of my favourites. I put this on my blemishes and my under eye’s, one thing I must note is that this concealer is very thick and you shouldn’t apply too much as you have to spread it all over the face and that doesn’t look great. The shade I have mine in is 0.5 but I think I’ll have to go and purchase shade 1 as 0.5 is slightly too light.


The powder I’ve been using for a few months is the Rimmel stay matte powder and I’ve only just hit pan on this and I’ve used it for at least 3 months so it definitely lasts a while. I LOVE having a matte face as I hate looking dewy and I love to use highlighter to bring dimension back into the skin. I run this over my face and on my neck using a fluffy brush.

Contour & Highlighter-

The contour and highlight palette I’ve been loving at the moment is the Revolution Contour and highlight palette, this is really handy and is definitely travel friendly. Even though the palette is quite small, there is definitely loads of product and won’t run out quick which is amazing. This palette is only £3.50 and I’d definitely recommend. I run the contour along my jawline and cheek’s and along the top of my head which makes such a huge difference. I then use the highlighter which is also in this palette and run it on my cheek bone and along my nose and cupid’s bow, what I really like about the highlighter in this palette is that it has a gold undertone which is perfect for Autumn and it makes it look so much more natural.


For brows, which is definitely the most important, I am going to be using the Revolution brow pomade in Medium Brown which works amazing at carving out the shape of my eyebrows and makes my eyebrows look so much more natural. I’ve used a variety of brow products and I’d definitely recommend a pomade for beginners, it makes it so much easier to carve out your eyebrows. I do this using an angled brush.


All the shades I’m going to be using in this look I’ve placed a heart onto just to make it easier when explaining it as the palette doesn’t come with any shade name’s. So this is the Revolution Iconic Fever palette which I’d definitely recommend for Autumn if your on a budget or starting out with makeup, it’s only £4 and all the shades are so pigmented. The first shade I’m using is the shade is the 4th on the top row which is a light orange shade which is perfect for a base shade, I ran this through my crease to start some dimension. The next shade I went in with was the one next to it which is a bit darker and I ran this through my crease also and on my lower lash line. The next shade I used was the red in the middle which is so pigmented and beautiful, I run this through my crease again and putting it more over my eyes. I do all this using a fluffy eye shadow brush. Finally, using a flat top brush, using the first shade, I run this through the inner corner and towards the inner of my eye to brighten the look back up.


This one is pretty basic but I use the MUA liner which is so pigmented and the pen makes it so much easier to get an accurate line. I also used a Kohl liner on my lower lash line to create a deeper eye look and bring the whole look together.


There’s not a lot of explaining needed for mascara because I’m sure everyone knows how to do this. The mascara I use is Miss Sporty Booster Mascara and apply quite a lot of layers on my top and lower lashes to somewhat make it look like I have naturally long eyelashes.


Last but not least, the lip colour I’m using for this look is the MAC Retro Matte in shade ‘Burnt Spice’, this is the perfect nude for Autumn as the eye’s are the centre of the look and this lip colour is still obvious but isn’t as dramatic compared to a red lip.

This is the end of my makeup look, I’m so excited to wear this makeup look throughout Autumn, it’s perfect. Thank you so much for reading and I look forward to seeing you again on Monday.







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4 thoughts on “Burnt Orange Autumn Makeup Look

  1. I love your makeup! I’ve been really into warm eyeshadow colors like red and orange for the fall time, but it doesn’t look that good on my. However, it looks absolutely fabulous on you! x

    Liked by 1 person

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