Self-care Haul (The body shop, Lush, Sephora)

Self-care is something I find so important and I feel that everyone should experience some TLC every once in a while. Over the past few months I’ve accumulated quite a lot of skincare as I must admit, I am quite an addict when it comes to skincare. I brought most of these things at student night at my local shopping centre where I got some gift bags which was so amazing, I also purchased some of these bits from Rome which I’ve been refraining from using until I’ve showed you guys.

First things first and probably where the majority of these items are from, Lush, I haven’t had a splurge in there for a while but I fell in love with everything while I was in there the other day so I thought I’d pick up some of the items, I definitely want to go back in a couple of weeks to pick up some of the Halloween and Christmas items because every year, Lush always seems to impress me when it comes to their themed items. The first thing I picked up, which was a definite must for me and I can’t leave the store without one is ‘sex bomb’ this is definitely my favourite bath bomb in which they sell in Lush as the scent isn’t too strong but definitely has a lingering smell which is so luxurious.

Next item which is something I’ve had my eye on for a while and that is the ‘let the good times roll’ facial cleanser, I was given a tester of this a few years ago and I absolutely loved how smooth it left my skin but I never got round to actually purchasing it full size. This definitely has one of those scents that you could sit there and smell all day and almost smells edible because it definitely does. I’ve tested this out once after purchasing and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who has combination/dry skin because it works wonders at removing any dry skin upon my face which I’ve definitely been looking for.

Next up is something I’ve been trying to hold of since it came into store and that’s ‘snow fairy’ this is definitely a very popular product with good reason because it smells beautiful. If you haven’t got round to ever smelling this, it definitely smells very similar to the Strawberry lip scrub which is also sold by Lush which is an amazing product but I definitely didn’t use it enough. I’m going to try my best to hold off from using this product until November time because I purchased another shower gel from the body shop which I will show later but it will definitely be a challenge. I’m definitely thinking about going to purchase the Snow fairy gift set.

While I was in Lush, it was student night and they were offering a goodie bag to anyone who spent over £15 which I did and then we got some free products, the two products which were in my goodie bag were two of their soaps, personally, I’ve never actually tried of Lush’s soaps so this is a great opportunity to test them out, I must add they both smell absolutely gorgeous and I can’t wait to test them out. They both didn’t have names on them so I’m sorry but they are both very popular within Lush so they shouldn’t be hard to find.

The next place I went into was The Body Shop, I am in love with a lot of there items but I had to refrain from purchasing the whole shop, again it was student night and amazingly, they had 30% all their products and I got some samples as part of my purchase, the first thing I purchased was definitely something I’ve held off purchasing for a while because I never found the time to go and purchase it and that’s the Strawberry body yogurt. I definitely have an addiction to the Strawberry scent at the body shop and I just can’t get enough, I’ve tested this once since purchasing and I’m definitely obsessed, it’s quick drying and the scent lingers on the skin for a good few hours which is definitely amazing.

The next and final item that I purchased from the body shop was of course another Strawberry scented product and it was the Strawberry Shower gel, I’ve wanted to purchase this for a while but the retail price of this is £5 which I thought was a bit pricey so I took advantage of the offer and picked it up, I definitely got a bargain while I was in the body shop, the Strawberry yogurt retails for £8.50 and the shower gel retails for £5 and the whole purchase came to £7.50, what a saving and what a bargain. As I said previously, as part of the purchase I was given a free bag of samples which I can’t wait to test out, I haven’t had a look what’s inside but I definitely can’t wait to try out some new bits.

Could you help a gal out in the comments and let me know what the best skincare products are from the body shop because I definitely want to test some out, I always found the body shop skincare to be quite pricey so I’d love it if you could give me some recommendations on what works best so I could definitely test those out.

The next store that I had a nosy in was Yankee Candle, this isn’t quite skincare but it definitely falls under the category of self-care right? I picked up this ultimate bargain while I was in there which was this Halloween candle set, it comes with two rare candles which were in the scents ‘witch’s brew’ and ‘forbidden apple’ cute names right? The set also comes with a Pumpkin head holder for the candles which is so cute and will go so well as decor for Halloween, the best part about it was that it was only £6 which is a definite bargain.

While I was in Rome, I obviously had to go into Sephora as I was eager to test out the face masks because I’d heard so many amazing things about them, I’ve held of using these since going to Rome just so I could feature them in this post, a dedicated blogger I know. I also decided to pick up on of their hair masks also as I was intrigued to see how nourishing this would be on my hair and my hair is in some definite need of some TLC. I can’t wait to be able to go to Sephora again so I can pick up some more.

Now on to some of the random bits I want to show you, first of are these facial wipes, your probably thinking why am I featuring these? I just wanted to give you a heads up if your looking for some cheap wipes which are really effective and cheap, I got these pack of two which hold 25 in each for £1 which is amazing if you ask me which are from Primark of course, Primark have brought out some really good facial wipes at the moment and I was really intrigued ed when I saw these as they claim to be micellar wipes so I was curious to see if they would work the same as micellar water which they actually do, they work really well at removing harsh makeup and eye makeup.

Finally a moisturiser I want to recommend to you all, this is the eye wake moisturiser which can be purchased from Amazon, this was kindly gifted to me so I can review it for you which will be on my Instagram in a couple of days, the link to my Instagram is on my blog page, it’s not an ad btw. I won’t say too much but this moisturiser is really hydrating and leaves the skin feeling really smooth which is amazing, it is also perfect for dry skin.

And that is a wrap, that’s all the skincare products I’ve picked up over the past few months, I definitely hope I’ve found some new skincare favourites, which you will find out in my October favourites so keep your eyes peeled. Are there any products I’ve mentioned which are your favourite’s? I’d love to know, thank you so much for reading, I’ll see you next time on Friday for a new post, Chlo x


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