Everyday Skin care Routine for Combination skin

Something that I’ve battled with for a while is having dry skin and occasional breakouts, only recently have I got clear skin and this is down to the products I’ve been using in my everyday skin care routine, I was definitely not blessed with the smoothest and spot clear skin but there are definitely products I’ve been using that have helped combat that and help improve my skin so I’m pretty happy that I’ve been able to find a skincare routine that works both for me and my skin. I have written previous skincare routines on my blog but they have been lazy and quick, now I put that time and effort into my skin, if you don’t put time and effort into something, it’s not going to work right? Of course I’ve waffled on too much so without further a do, let’s get into my everyday skincare routine for combination skin.

My every day Routine

STEP ONE: Garnier Micellar water

This is definitely a product that I keep going back to every once in a while, I go and try different Micellar water’s but their never as good as this one.

This one by Garnier removes all makeup even the toughest products like waterproof mascara, it gets rid of any dirt and unessential oils that are clogging up the skin, but this product is definitely super hydrating and gentle on the skin so perfect for people who have sensitive skin. I apply this to a large cotton pad and rub this around my face making sure I get rid of any left over makeup. On the days I have gone overboard on the eye makeup. I will use the Simple Kind to Skin Eye Makeup Remover, this works really well at removing harsh makeup on the eyes and is definitely gentle to use.

STEP 2: Garnier Pure active anti blackhead facial wash

I will then use a face wash, specifically the Garnier blackhead face wash to get rid of any dirt or left over makeup that the Micellar water didn’t get rid off.

I’ve been using this product for months now and it works wonders at clearing my skin and getting rid of any blackheads I may have hidden on the skin. Something that I’ve recently added to my skincare routine is using the Primark cleansing brush (it was only £3 reduced), I apply a tiny bit of this face wash onto the brush and using the brush, I cleanse it into my skin for around 2 minutes and this really helps to lift any dirt and unclog pores, this leaves my skin feeling so smooth and really feels like my skin is clean.

STEP 3: Lush ‘Let the good times roll’ cleanser

After taking off all of my makeup, I like to cleanse my skin just to get rid of any dirt that has accumulated in my skin from the night before. First off, I am absolutely in love with the smell of this cleanser, when applying it to the skin it really feels like it’s working into the skin and cleaning my face. This cleanser smells like popcorn and there is also tiny bits of popcorn mixed in with this cleanser which adds to the fragrance.

I definitely won’t go back to not using a cleanser in my everyday skin care routine, I have seen a massive improvement in the condition of my skin and it feels cleansed and revived. This is definitely a product I’d recommend to anyone looking for a product to leave the skin soothed and softened and also leaving a subtle glow.

STEP 4: Garnier Rose water Cleansing milk

This product alongside the Lush cleanser is the perfect combo in getting smooth and revived skin. This is also perfect for sensitive skin so if your dealing with sensitive skin, you should definitely give these a try. This helps against impurities in the skin along with leaving the skin feeling smooth, I apply this using a cotton pad.

STEP 5: Garnier Rose water toner

I love using a good toner in my everyday skincare routine, I feel this is the product that has helped my skin the most, it helps to smooth the skin but it also helps at fighting impurities and giving the skin the hydration it needs. Sometimes my skin can look quite dry and dead so using this toner just boosts the hydration I need giving my skin a subtle glow.

STEP 6: Garnier Rose water moisturiser

Last up, moisturiser, I love this Garnier moisturiser as it works hand in hand with the cleansing milk and the toner leaving the skin feeling really smooth and cleans. This product is perfect for dry skin because it gives an added hydration to the skin and also gets rid of any dry skin that is on the face.

That is the end to my very long everyday skincare routine, I really hope you enjoyed the read, do you use any of these products in your skincare routine? Let me know in the comments, I’ll see you next time for a new post. Chlo x

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    1. Thank you so much, I’m glad you enjoyed x I used to be so bad also but seeing the difference in my skin from having a skincare routine overalls it. You definitely should, let me know your opinions on them if you do x


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