How to host a Halloween inspired night; inc must see Halloween movie’s

It’s getting closer and closer to Halloween and that makes me so excited, Halloween is definitely my favourite yearly event, a little over running Christmas, yes I know, that’s how much. I just love how spooky and different it is, I’m definitely a spooky/Gothic girl at heart. In today’s post, If you can’t already tell by the photo, I’m going to be talking you through a Halloween inspired night that I’m going to be hosting for both me and my boyfriend, we are going to watch movies etc. If your anything like me who loves Halloween but wants to create a subtle event instead of a party, a movie night is a perfect idea for that!! If you want to know how to set everything up and what we get up to, just keep on reading.

The preparation: 

So the first thing I had to do was get all the decorations and get the food etc for the night. I was planning to hang up some Halloween themed decorations everywhere around my room, it’s safe to say I’ll definitely keep up these decorations till Halloween ends, I was then also planning on getting a cake baking set which is Halloween themed so we could make some cakes together and then I was going to get some Halloween themed sweets and get some pizza’s which we can have while watching some Halloween films.

The place where I got most of the decoration bits was from Pound Stretchers, if you live near one I’d definitely recommend going to get some affordable Halloween decorations, it all came up to £5 which is amazing for the amount of bits I got which I will show you later. I also found a cake Halloween set from Pound Stretchers which was also a bargain. For food, we went to ASDA and picked up a pizza and some packs of Halloween sweets which both looked amazing. We then also picked up some Pumpkins which will all be explained in my next post which I’m really excited about.

Putting everything together:   

The morning before the movie night, I had to quickly tidy my room of course because I can never keep it clean, after I’d tidied I start to hang up the decorations, I hung the Happy Halloween bunting across the wall by my bed, I put up the Halloween lights a long the other wall on the side of my bed, I got some fake spiders to put all over the bed just to give it that added touch, because I’m extra af, I also brought some Halloween themed balloons to add to the room if there wasn’t already enough decoration haha. Around my room I have also placed some candles, I got a candle set from Yankee candle a few weeks ago which was Halloween filmed and it came with a pumpkin holder which is perfect for this, I feel that candles can add an extra creepy but cosy vibe while watching films.

Something I’d recommend if your going to host a Halloween themed movie night, pick a theme of a movie, this could be Ghost buster’s where you have all the decorations themed around that film, that will make it more creative and I think it’s a perfect idea if you’re hosting the movie night for more people. As this is only for me and my boyfriend, I wanted to stick to the cringe, traditional routine with buntings, ghosts, pumpkins and sweets.

Depending on if you have decided on a theme or not, you will need to pick out some films, like I said, if you did decide to go with a theme, for example Ghost Busters, you could get a box set with all the films or if you’re hosting something similar to what I am, I would definitely recommend putting together a list of films so that the other person can decide. For this, I’ve decided that I’m going to write a list of Halloween/horror films and fold them all up individually and place them in a cup then I’ll let my boyfriend pick from the cup to decide the film, I think this just makes it more fun and it stops the argument of which film we want to watch.

I have put together a list of different Halloween/horror films which are appropriate for all ages, these films are ranging from some cartoon films that are appropriate for kids but in my case, also me and some really good Horror films for adults if this is an adults only movie night, I’d also recommend checking out the playlist on Netflix, they’ve put together a HUGE playlist full of Halloween inspired movies which I think would be perfect for this, here’s only some of my suggestions;

1. Nightmare before Christmas (definitely my favourite, I’ve already watched it 3 times this year so far)
2. Sleepy Hallow
3. Halloween (which ever one you want to watch)
4. Hocus Pocus (This is a perfect film for both adults & children)
5. Jeeper’s Creepers
6. Freddy Jason
7. Creep
8. Ghostbusters (such a family friendly films and there’s quite a few, perfect for a movie night)
9. Monsters Inc (a definite favourite but who doesn’t love Sully?
10. Corpse bride
11. Pooh’s Heffalump Halloween Movie (this is such a cute film, I’d definitely recommend if you’re hosting a family friendly movie night)

Of course no movie night is complete without the snacks and food. I have put all the sweets into a Halloween bowl which has some Halloween tinsel in it (who thought Halloween tinsel would exist?) We are going to be watching the movies on my laptop as I don’t have a TV but I feel like watching the films on my laptop creates more of a cosy vibe.

In terms of the cake making, we are going to be doing this a few hours before, this will be perfect as the cakes will be ready for the movie night and they can be an added snack while watching movies. In terms of drinks, I brought these Halloween cups and I got some different drinks, coke etc, I was going to add some alcoholic drinks but I’m not really feeling that. For food, I’m going to be cooking the pizza’s just before I show my boyfriend my room and surprise him with the movie night, this is also a perfect idea as a date and it doesn’t cost much money either!!

There’s nothing more to add to this besides adding your own twist on it and adding whatever you want, I really hope this was as fun of a read than it was having the movie night, I really enjoyed it. I also hope this gave you some motivation to host your own movie night because it’s the perfect alternative to a Halloween party, you could also wear your Halloween costumes which would be perfect. Let me know in the comments if you’ve ever done anything like this or planning on doing so, thank you so much for reading and I will be back on Monday for the start of my 5 day Halloween looks, Monday’s is a super exciting one, Chlo x

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