The Adam’s Family- Wednesday Halloween Costume tutorial

Good morning, yes another Halloween costume, this is the Halloween costume I personally wore last year and I absolutely loved it! As you can probably tell by the title, I’m going to be giving you a tutorial on how to create Wednesday’s look from the Adam’s family. This look can be super easy but it can also be quite difficult and time-consuming. I’m going to try to make this sound as easy as possible. Lets get straight into it.

The Makeup

So this is probably the most consuming part of this Halloween costume. She is quite pale which is perfect as I’m overly pale also I just did my usual base makeup. The first product I used was the Revolution Conceal & Define concealer in shade 0.5 which is perfect for this look, I applied this to the majority of my face just to make my face look more pale, yes paler than it already is. I then used my Rimmel stay matte powder in shade Translucent, this powder just adds a bit more colour to my face and mattifies my face which I really love. For contour, I’m not going to use much contour just because she’s obviously quite young but she does have some definition to her cheeks, the contour palette I’m going to use is the collection Contour and highlight palette in shade Fair. I applied this using a pointed fluffy brush to my cheekbones to create more definition, I also applied this to my forehead to make it look smaller haha. I then added some of the highlighter from the palette because a look wouldn’t be complete without highlighter right?

For brows, I just did my everyday brow routine as Wednesday’s brow’s don’t look much different to my own. The product I’m using is the Revolution brow pencil, this is an angled pencil which is definitely perfect for creating the perfect arch and creating a perfect outline.

For eyes, I am definitely going to concentrate on keeping it dark and adding black shades to my eyes. For this eye shadow look, I am going to be using Revolution Redemption palette in Iconic 1, this contains a lot of dark shades including the perfect black shade. This palette doesn’t come with shade names so I am going to show you all the shades I’m using through a photo. The first shade I am going in with is the matte brown shade, this is the only shade that can be used as a base shade so I applied this to my crease to start building up that transition using a fluffy blending brush. Next I went in with the dark brown shade and focused this mainly on my outer corner and crease, I also put some along my bottom lash line, this is a perfect shade to go in with just before adding the black shade so it looks built up. I then went in with the black in this palette, it is shimmery so this is perfect for this makeup look, I ran this mainly through my crease and anywhere that needs darkening up, I ran the tiniest bit along my lash line, something I must note about these shades are that they are so pigmented so you don’t need to use much at all. I then added the excess from the brush into my inner corner and around the rest of my eye just to bring the look together. For eyeliner, I’m just going to go in with my MUA liner and create a small wing and then I used a Khol liner in my lower lash line to darken up the look a bit more and this brought the whole look together. Lastly, I applied some mascara, I used both the Primark and the Miss Sporty mascara and this created both volumized and lengthened lash’s.

For lips, I took the same khol liner that I used on my inner corner and started to line my lips and fill them in, I don’t own a black lipstick because it’s obviously not an everyday lipstick shade but I think it goes perfect with this look. To finish of the whole look and to add a creepy side to the look, I added some fake blood running down the side of my mouth and I added some around my forehead. I also attempted at doing a blood choker and it turned out really well, for this I used some black eye shadow and some fake blood.

The hair

So there are definitely many options for hair when it comes to this look, in my instance, I just curled my hair and left it down as I felt this best suited me and was the hair look I was most comfortable with. If you really want to go all out and re-create Wednesday’s hair, you could also put your hair in two plates which I think looks really good also.

The outfit

For the outfit, I kept it pretty simple, I brought a black dress with a colar from a Halloween costume store in my local town which was so inexpensive and you could also get one from Amazon which I’d really recommend or you could just wear a normal black dress, whichever is fine. I also decided to wear black knee high boots as I felt these went really well with the look but you could also wear some white tights and some simple shoes if you wanted to make it simpler.

That’s the completed Halloween look, I really hope you enjoyed and liked reading how I turned myself into Wednesday from the Adams Family, let me know in the comments what your planning on being for Halloween because I’d love to know, thank you so much for reading, until tomorrow for a new Halloween look, Chlo x

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