Sunday Routine 2018: Fall night routine

Happy Monday and I hope you have a lovely bonfire night, I hope you enjoyed your weekend & are ready to conquer the week and tick of some of your goals. In today’s post, I’m going to be talking you through my Sunday evening routine, on a Sunday I like to dedicate the day to getting stuff done which will most definitely not get done throughout the week such as; doing a clothes wash, cleaning my room, changing my bed, go food shopping, all the domestic type of stuff really meaning a day of doing nothing basically turns into a day of doing everything so as a treat to myself, I like to have a bit of a pamper and relax on a Sunday evening to get me ready for the week, let’s just get started shall we.

Before getting ready to relax and have a calm evening, I like to go to the gym on a Sunday afternoon as it’s really quiet so I went there and did my full body workout, I like to do a full body workout to get my body moving ready for the week where I’ll focus on one particular thing. Even though to some people gym isn’t deemed relaxing, I love going when I’m feeling a bit stressed and anxious and it helps my body to feel healthy and active (and to get rid of the domino’s I had on my cheat day haha)

Who else agree’s that taking your makeup off at the end of the day is the best feeling? I definitely do and that’s the first thing I will do, I don’t put on makeup every Sunday but in this instance, I took some photos for the blog and Instagram and I went food shopping and no one would appreciate me not wearing makeup. I took my makeup off using the Primark Cleansing wipes which took off the majority of my makeup, I’m going to do a full skincare routine later on into the evening. Whilst I’m in my room, I decide to put on some comfy PJ’s, who agree’s that it’s dramatically got colder? so wearing my dressing gown is an absolute must.

On Sundays, I like to take some time to make myself a big meal which is also healthy to kick start my week off right. Today, I decided to make some chicken and have it with a big serving of vegetables and some Yorkshire puddings, I’ve never heard a meal sound so English, it was a good meal though, I will then spend some time with my boyfriend before spending most of the evening apart.

Now, for the best part of the evening, I like to have a bath every week just to relax my body and I usually have showers so mixing it up a little is good. I also like to do a face mask, the one I’m using today is the Sephora mask, I got this while I was in Rome so it feels amazing finally getting round to using it. It left my face feeling so smooth and definitely felt like my face had been cleansed. I also decided to use my Sephora hair mask which smelt gorgeous. My hair has been in need of some TLC recently so this did just the trick, my hair has never felt so soft. I will then take some time to relax and then I’ll start running the shower head just so I can quickly wash my hair; the hair product’s I’m using at the moment are; and the shower gel that I’m loving at the moment is the body shop shower gel in the scent Strawberry.

When I get out of the bath, I will then put on the PJ’s I was wearing before and venture to the mirror where I will start doing my skincare routine, I feel like I’ve rambled on about my skincare routine multiple time’s on my blog so I won’t go to much into detail on what I do but I will show you the products I use, if your interested, here’s a link to my most recent skincare routine. if you want to check it out after reading this.

I will then go back upstairs where I will spend some time on my phone, on a Sunday I like to answer some questions over on Instagram, if you’d like to participate in my next one, my Instagram is chlolaurenblogs. I will usually like to spend some time on my blog having a look at the responses and replying to some comments on the previous week of post’s and I like to write some idea’s down and get started on planning a few to get me going throughout the week. I will then have a look at some lecture’s I have the next morning, I have a 9-5 day on a Monday which definitely isn’t fun, I will then also do some remaining work from the week before so all I have to do the following week is that week’s work, there’s nothing worse than being behind.

Usually, it’s quite late when I’ve finally finished everything so I will finally get into bed and start reading a book, the book I’m reading at the moment is ‘Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine’ I haven’t had much time throughout the week to take some time to read so it’s nice to take some time on a Sunday to catch up on some reading. I will then gradually go to sleep.

Thank you so much for reading, I really hope you enjoyed, if you did, please give this post a like and if you wan’t to see more from me, give my blog a follow, it’s much appreciated. I’ll be back with another post on Friday at 11 AM.


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