How I’m saving my skin this Winter|Blogmas Day 5

Hey everyone and welcome to Blogmas day 5, if you haven’t seen 1-4 of blogmas, please head over to my blog once reading this and have a read, I’ve uploaded some pretty good post’s so far. As you can tell by the title, I’m going to be showing you my skincare routine this Winter. If you are someone like me who has dry/combination skin, you will understand how dry the cold weather makes your skin.

The product’s I’m using are really saving my skin this winter and I can’t wait to share these products with you guys. If you’ve read any of my other skincare routine’s, you will know that I only tend to use Drugstore makeup and Skincare, I feel there are some really good skincare brands and products within the drugstore so I haven’t branched out into using some high end products. In terms of 2019, I do want to experiment and test out more high end skincare products as I feel these are products I can justify purchasing, if you have any recommendation’s, maybe moisturisers for dry/combination skin, I’d love to have a read of some in the comments. Now, let’s stop rambling and get into the routine.

During winter, face mask’s are definitely my best friend, I like to use at least two a week, the one I’ve been living by is the ‘Lush Mask of Magmaminty‘, this is definitely a face mask I’d recommend if you suffer from dry/combination skin as this gives an added nourishment to the skin and leave’s my skin feeling smooth and hydrated. Sometimes I like to mix it up a bit so I’d recommend the ‘Superdrug face mask’s’ if you are on a budget, usually Superdrug will have 3 for 2 so you never have to worry about breaking the bank and their face mask’s are usually only £1 but you could also venture out and test out the Garnier sheet mask’s, these are another one of my favourite’s. One face mask I absolutely love is the Sephora face mask’s so I can’t wait to go to Europe again so I can visit Sephora and pick up some more so if you live near a Sephora, go pick up some of their face mask’s, you won’t regret it! I tend to to a face mask on a Sunday and a Wednesday because if you do too many face masks, it can dry your skin out.

Face mask recommendation’s: Mask of Magnaminty \ Superdrug Mask’s & Garnier Moisture Bomb Mask

The face wash I’ve been using recently is the Neutrogena Visibly Clear Pink Grapefruit Scrub, I’ve only just purchased this recently but I’m loving this face wash. It’s a really good face wash if your looking for something that combats spots and eliminates blackheads; this also leaves my skin feeling really clean and smooth so I’d definitely recommend this. I use this product both day and night to make sure my skin is free from impurities and get’s rid of any makeup as I tend to wear makeup on a daily basis. A product I use in hand with this face wash is the Primark Cleansing brush, I’ve mentioned this in my previous skincare routine so I won’t go into too much information but I apply the face wash to the brush and then the brush massages it into my face, it has two settings so I will use the first setting all around my face for 30 seconds and I will use the second setting for a minute on both my face and neck.

Product’s mentioned: Neutrogena visibly clear pink grapefruit facial wash

On a Sunday and Wednesday, the same day I apply a face mask, I will also use a cleanser into the mix, I don’t like to use a cleanser too much because it can tend to leave your skin feeling dry and I’m trying my hardest to combat that. The one I’ve been loving is the ‘Lush let the good time’s roll’ I’d definitely recommend this. I lather this into my hands using water and then I will gently massage it into my face and neck for a few seconds and then I will rinse it off with water and tap my face and neck dry using a towel. This will leave my skin feeling really smooth and clean.

Product mentioned: Lush Let the good times roll

Using a Micellar water has changed my skin and my skincare routine, I used to only use wipes on my skin but now I will only use Micellar water as it’s less harsh on my skin. The one I’ve been using as a holy grail at the moment is the Garnier Micellar water, I’ve been through so many bottles of this stuff and I’m not even ashamed. It get’s rid of all my makeup that the face wash may not have got rid off and it leaves my skin feeling smooth and cleansed. I usually apply this using a cotton pad and I will massage this into my face. Another Micellar water I’d recommend is the Simple Kind to skin one, this works just as well at getting rid of left over makeup. On a day where I wear quite a lot of eye makeup, I will also use my Simple Eye Makeup remover as this works hand in hand with the micellar water and get’s rid of any trace of eye makeup that may be lurking on the eye.

Micellar Water’s I’d recommend: Garnier Micellar Water & Simple Micellar water & Simple Eye Makeup Remover

The second to last product I will go in and use is the Simple Kind to skin toner, I know you may be thinking that my skincare routine is quite lengthy but some of the products I’ve mentioned like the face mask and the cleanser I don’t use on an every day basis so technically I only use 5 product’s everyday as I don’t want to over load my skin with products. I’ve come back to this toner again and again after converting to something else so this is definitely a product I’d recommend, it leaves my skin feeling cleansed and smooth and something I really love about this product is that it get’s rid of most of my dry skin which is perfect. I apply this using a cotton pad and this works perfectly.

Product mentioned- Simple Kind to Skin toner

Lastly, moisturiser, this is the product that really saves my skin from feeling like a desert, I may sound extra but I do use two moisturisers, one day and one night. The one I will use in the morning is the Simple SPF 15 moisturiser, I like to use this one specifically because it has some form of SPF which is perfect from my skin hitting UV rays which can be really damaging to my skin so it puts me at ease knowing that I’m wearing an SPF moisturiser, this also makes applying makeup so much easier. The second moisturiser I will use is the Garnier Rose water moisturiser which has been greatly loved, this leaves my skin feeling really smooth and it get’s rid of any visible dry skin.

Okay, that’s finally the end of my Winter skincare routine, I’m sorry for how lengthy this post was and thank you so much if you’ve reached this point of reading, let me know in the comments your holy grail skincare products that are saving your skin this Winter.

Thank you for reading,

Chlo x


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