The Ultimate gift guide for Her|Blogmas Day 7

Hey everyone and welcome to Blogmas day 7, as you can tell by the title I’m going to be giving you some last-minute gift idea’s for her at Christmas. Worry you not, I will also be uploading a Christmas gift guide for him tomorrow morning at 11.

The way I’m going to do this is divide the item’s into categories as I feel this would make the most sense and will make it so much easier. This post has been so fun planning and putting together as I love purchasing gift’s for other people!



This is definitely one of them safe products that any women will appreciate, maybe not as a main present if it’s your girlfriend/wife as more thought need’s to be put into the present but a candle would work perfectly as a side present to go hand in hand with another present.

If you want to splash the cash on a candle, I would definitely recommend Jo Malone and The white company. Both brands seem to have gift sets that are much more affordable but definitely make a perfect present nevertheless. However, Yankee candle also have a wide selection of candles and gifts which would also make an amazing present.


Every women appreciates when they recieve a purfume for Christmas. Recieving a purfume is definitely one of my favourite gifts that I recieve. My favourite purfume has got to be Chloe original and I know so many people love it also. A brand I would recommend is Jo Malone as they have a wide selection of purfume’s to choose from and are definitely a luxury that she will wan’t to try this Christmas.

The shops I would recommend you having a look on for purfume’s is Debenhams and The Fragrance Shop as they both have a wide selection of purfume’s to choose from and they both have great customer service making it easier to choose the perfect gift.


There are an aray of products that can be purchased in terms of beauty at Christmas, there are so many amazing gift sets out there that would make the perfect gift, some of my favourite’s are Benefit and The body shop.

Aside from palettes and gift sets, I also think a lovely gift to recieve is a luxury lipstick, for my Birthday my boyfriend brought me ‘Mac Burnt Spice’ and it was a gift I never thought I’d purchase myself so it really does make the perfect present. I know that Too faced have some amazing lip colours and they also have a gift set which would make a perfect gift for any makeup lovers out there!

Another thing that’s beauty related is hair, sometimes a women want’s something unexpected but something she didn’t think she needed. A good example of this is a luxury hair mask, sometimes spending that extra money can be worth it for the quality and love from the gift, a place I’d recommend looking is Boots.


Getting skincare for christmas is one of my favourite things to purchase so skincare is definitely a good way to go if you know they like skincare. There are a wide variety of gift sets on the market at the moment from The body shop and Soap and glory.

Alternatevely, if you wan’t to buy some luxury product’s, both Clinique and Mario Badescu are such amazing brands to get skincare from, they have so many gift sets to choose from with an aray of products.


Some would say that Gadgets are more of a male present but no, their are some useful gadgets that would be really useful to a women. Something I’ve always wanted and I know many other women want to same is a record player, you can get some really nice ones from urban outfitters but if you wanted to purchase a cheaper one, HMV have a really nice selection also.

Any women enjoy a good working pair of headphone’s when they are working around the house or if their anyone like me, go to the gym and need some really stready headphone’s that stay on, again HMV is a really good place for this and they would make a perfect gift. Something I’ve had my eyes on for a while and quite a lot of my friends have one are a poloroid camera which would definitely make the perfect gift for any women, these can be purchased from urban outfitters


This should be disregarded if you are not the individuals boyfriend/girlfriend as buying underwear for certain people is probably a bit weird. On a serious not though, lingerie is a perfect gift to recieve as it is something we dont particularily think to treat ourselves to when we particilarily need them.


This is definitely something that is perfect for any woman as any women will feel lucky to recieve a peice of jewellery. Firstly before thinking about buying jewellery, you need to think about the important things, does she like gold or silver? what is her ring size? and does she prefer a necklace or a bracelet.

There are so many beautiful jewellery places but one of my favourites is Pandora, I do personally own a charm bracelet which is definitely one of my favourite gifts I’ve ever recieved and it gives you an opening on further gifts that could be purchased in the further, for example charms. Pandora also have some really nice rings and necklaces to choose from.


Bags, scarves, belts, passport holders, key rings, notebooks, purses and sunglasses are all amazing idea’s for gifts and if their is anything personalised it will go down very well. Amazon are really good when it comes to personalised presents.

I know I’ve included handbags into the mix but it doesn’t always have to be designer as these can be very expensive so I’ve got your back, River Island have some absolutely beutiful bags to choose from which any women would be in love with, to be on the safe side, maybe take her into the shop and see if you picks one out and then suprise her with it for Christmas.

However, if you did want to splirge the cash and want it to be designer, who said anything about it needing to be a bag? Any women would love to recieve some designer sunglasses or even a purse.

Okay, these are all the gift idea’s I can come up with but I think I’ve definitely covered quite a lot, if you have any other suggestions, please leave them in the comments, I really hope you find this useful and I hope it’s made it easier to think of some idea’s on gifts for her.

Thank you for reading,

Chlo x


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