Christmas Gift guide: Stocking fillers for him & her | Blogmas Day 9

Hey everyone and welcome back to blogmas over at chlolauren, today is blogmas day 9, it’s gone so quick! As you can tell by the title, today is the last of my gift guide posts and I’m going to give you some idea’s of sticking fillers, for both him and her. Unfortunately, as a student, I can’t just add all the luxury items like Jo Malone candles and fragrances to my basket and be done with it, a stocking is a perfect gift for someone and you don’t need to spend too much money either! 


A stocking isn’t a stocking without adding all the sugery goodness. Adding a couple of chocolate’s and sweets into a stocking is a great idea because it hardly costs anything and it will keep the other person happy for a while. If you are making a stocking for a person who is vegan or can’t have chocolate due to allergies, it would be an amazing idea to add some vegan treats which you can get almost anywhere now, one place I would 100% recommend for this is Tesco, any person would be happy to experiment with different chocolates, especially if the person has only just become vegan. 

Small candles: 

Something that everyone loves is a good candle, their are so many places where you can get some cheap and really good quality candles. Take Primark for example, they have a huge selection of candles that are only £1. This is definitely something the other person will appreciate. Another place is Yankee candle, they have a HUGE selection of scents and they come as small as tealights. They also have a really nice set at the moment which would be perfect for a stocking. 


If your going for a big stocking, some PJ’s would definitely make the perfect gift. Something most people don’t tend to buy for themselves are PJ’s so these would definitely get their use. Imagine the person wearing them on the big day, so cosy. You could also get some slippers, Primark have a really good selection of PJ’s and slippers for both men and women which are really affordable so definitely check them out!


If I was to have the perfect stocking, their would definitely be a few skincare bits in there. You can’t go wrong with spending a few quid on skincare which the other person will use throughout the year. Lush is the perfect place to get some really affordable skincare bits and would definitely make anyone happy, especially their face masks. You could also get a few bath bombs from the Body Shop, their only £1.50 and these would make anyone happy. 


Anything beauty would go perfectly into a stocking. Around Christmas, Superdrug and Boots have some really nice stocking sized gift sets which would be perfect for anyone. If you wanted to spend a few extra, you could splash the cash and get a Mac lipstick which would go perfectly into a stocking, they may cost a fair bit but imagine the look on the other person’s face when they see it, it’s all worth seeing that smile, am I right? 

These are all the idea’s I have which would be perfect for both men and women, if you have any more idea’s, please let me know in the comments because I’d love to know. Thank you so much for all the support over Blogmas so far, it’s made me so happy. See you tomorrow for another post. 

Chlo x

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3 thoughts on “Christmas Gift guide: Stocking fillers for him & her | Blogmas Day 9

  1. Lovely list. I would be very very happy to get a stocking filled with these items. Few other things that could also make it into the stocking is maybe some special tea or coffee, cookie cutters, nail polish, cute socks or maybe some jewelry. 🙂

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