Visiting London for Christmas|Blogmas Day 14

Good morning and welcome to Blogmas day 14, in todays post I’m going to be talking you through my day at London.

For my boyfriends birthday I decided to take him to London for the day so we could both get into the festive mood. We went just around a week ago and it was so lovely. We got so many things done throughout the day and it was definitely such a magical and festive day!

The first thing we did when we got into London was go into Nottinghill which is always one of my favourite places to visit whenever I’m in London. We got some shots for Instagram, the best place in London to get shots is Nottinghill, there are so many cute places to take photo’s, especially their shops!

Once we got some photos we decided to take a walk around Nottinghill, I’ve never been to the main part of Nottinghill so it was so lovely to have a look into the shops and also see the book shop from the film Nottinghill.

I also have such a guilty pleasure for the houses in London, especially the ones in and around Nottinghill.

The next place we went to was Covent Gardens, I’ve never actually been to Covent gardens when I’ve been to London but it was definitely exciting to go around Christmas time.

The market was so pretty and I definitely couldn’t get over the decorations, of course, as a blogger you have to get some shots for Instagram which is exactly what I did. If your looking for a place to get some festive shots in London, head to Covent Garden because they’ve got our backs with all the back drops they had!

We of course had to do some shopping, something which is definitely not like me at all is I actually didn’t purchase anything while I was in London, which is definitely good for my bank but it was definitely unlike me!

London is definitely the place for shopping, they have an unlimited amount of shops available, you definitely need a whole day to get through all the shops!

While we were in Covent Garden we decided to grab a bite to eat, since my birthday I’ve wanted Wagamama’s again so I took up the opportunity to have another. Me and my boyfriend both went for the Chicken ramen which was soooo good, but when isn’t Wagamama’s amazing?

One of the main reasons me and my boyfriend came to London was to go to Hyde park’s Winter wonderland. I’ve never actually been so it was definitely exciting to go! Unfortunately when we got there it was raining but that definitely didn’t stop us from having a ball!

If you haven’t been to winter wonderland in London, I can’t explain how big it is, your definitely in there an hour just walking round the whole thing! It is definitely so festive and makes everyone so happy. Me and my boyfriend were going to go ice skating but we decided as it was raining we wouldn’t!

Once we’d came out of winter wonderland it was getting quite late but we did have a few hours before our train home so we decided to head to Westfield.

Westfield is one of my favourite places to shop in London as you know everything will be there and it’s so easy. I also got to go into some of my favourite stores like: Bershka, pull & bear and H&M.

After having a look around virtually all the shops, we had to head back to the train station for our train back home! We then had a 2 hour train journey which I slept through!

I really hope you enjoyed this read, I love these types of blog posts so I’m hoping you do to! I’m going to Manchester markets on Monday, would you like to me to do a blog post on my day there also? Let me know in the comments, until tomorrow,

Chlo x

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2 thoughts on “Visiting London for Christmas|Blogmas Day 14

  1. Beh Chlo! Loved reading about your adventures in London! I have family there and have visited many times, but haven’t yet made it to some of the spots your featured! I’m definitely adding them to the list for my next trip!

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