Winter Morning Routine | Blogmas day 17

Good morning and welcome to Blogmas Day l7, December has well and truly flew by and I can’t believe how fast it has actually gone. Today I’m going to be talking you through one of my favourite kind of post’s a morning routine. Don’t worry, I will also be uploading an evening routine for you to read tomorrow! If you want to see what I get up to in the morning throughout winter, keep on reading. 

At the time I’m writing this, I have thankfully broken up from University for a month and in much need of a break. I will usually wake up around half 9- 10 depending on the day. I will then go on my phone just to check that everything is prepared for a Blogmas post to go live, I will usually schedule everything the night before but you know what technology is like, you can’t trust it! I will probably sit in bed for around an hour and upload my Blogmas post for the day and promote it on all social media’s. 

I will then go downstairs and get some breakfast. I usually go through stages where I will have the same thing for breakfast until I get bored, for this day, I decided to have some cereal and a banana. I will also fill up my water bottle and make sure I drink most of it because I’m always desperate for water when I’ve just woken up. I will then sit downstairs and look through emails and continue to look through social media’s. 

Once I’ve eaten breakfast, I do try and get started on my day. Something I’m trying to get into the habit of doing is writing a list of things to do everyday and make sure I do more than half of them, this makes me way more productive and it also keeps me organised. I will hop in the shower and start getting ready to head to the gym. Something that I like to do when having a productive day is go to the gym early as I feel this wakes me up and sets me on the right path in the morning. I’m normally at the gym for around an hour and a half. 

When I get back from the gym I will get into some comfy clothing and get started on my day. Today I had some university assignment’s to complete and I had to get writing on the final posts for Blogmas, so a pretty busy day. 

As you can tell I don’t really have a fun morning but this is everything I get up to in the morning, I really hope you enjoyed the read. Let me know in the comments what you get up to in the mornings, until tomorrow. 

Chlo x 

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