How to host a Christmas night in | Blogmas Day 18

Good morning and welcome to Chlo Lauren! Today is Blogmas day 18 and I’m going to telling you how to host a Christmas night in. It is always really festive to have a cosy Christmas night in so I thought I would put a few ideas together and show you what I would do for a Christmas night in!

I really hope this post helps or gives you some ideas on how to host your own Christmas night in!

A really good idea for a Christmas night in is having a cosy duvet night on the sofa watching loadsss of Christmas films while eating some festive snacks!

If you haven’t already, I have a separate post giving an ultimate list of Christmas classics you could watch! If you want to have a read of that also, here’s the link: All time Christmas Classics everyone should watch|Blogmas Day 3

There are also so many great festive films on both Netflix and Amazon prime which you can delve into. 

Here are some suggestions of TV shows and films: 

  1. Love actually
  2.  Elf
  3. Miranda Christmas special 
  4. Gavin and Stacey Christmas special 
  5. Arthur Christmas 

For preparation, if you live in student accommodation like me, something I’m going to be doing when having a festive night in is put my Christmas tree into the lounge, this makes it so much more festive and makes it cosy and homely. I’m also going to move some of my decorations into the lounge to really give that festive feel. Another great idea is to have some festive snacks or even order a takeaway. This makes watching films so much more entertaining and if your anything like me, I always get peckish when watching films! Speaking of food, you and the person your hosting the movie night for could make a gingerbread house which is always fun, if your anything like me, it takes me and my boyfriend 5 hours to get ours looking half decent. 

Another great idea would be to make some festive cakes which is quite similar to what I did in my Halloween movie night. This is a perfect idea to get creative and have some fun, it’s also extra snacks to have when watching the films, there nothing worse than running out of snacks while watching films. 

Another great idea would be to plan which films your going to watch beforehand or you could make a lucky dip to make it fair. Something I’m going to do when planning my films is make a random list of different Christmas films and then I’m going to cut them up and put them into a bowl so my boyfriend can pick one from the bowl which makes it so much more fun!

This would also be a great idea if you and your friends are hosting secret Santa! It makes it so festive and it’s a great idea to get together and get into the festive mood. This would also be a perfect idea for a family get together as you can make the films more appropriate for all ages.

Here are all of my idea’s, if you can think of anymore, please let me know in the comments, also let me know if you are going to be hosting your own Christmas movie evening. 

Chlo x 

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