Visiting Manchester at Christmas | Blogmas Day 19

Good morning and welcome to Blogmas day 19, in today’s post I’m going to be telling you about my trip to Manchester the other day! We went there purely to get into the Christmas spirit so I thought this would work perfect in Blogmas! I always have such a lovely day in Manchester and I heard really great things about their markets so it was really exciting to go and see them! If you want to hear what I got up, keep on reading!!

The first thing we did when we got there was walk to the markets, little did I know they have a trail of markets in Manchester where you can go to a number of different markets in and around the town of Manchester and you can enter a competitive via Instagram which is a super cute idea when it comes to children so they’ve definitely made it family friendly.

All of the markets we ended up going to we’re really nice and definitely Christmassy. They had all sorts to have a look at including: food, decorations, stocking fillers and drinks. There was so much food to choose from but the only disappointing thing was there was no variety for vegetarians and vegans but I didn’t expect anything more.

After having a look round all the small markets, we headed to Cathedral gardens where the main market was held, if you’ve read my London post, you would know me and my boyfriend were waiting to go to Manchester to go ice skating as it was raining in London, well, it was raining in Manchester also so we decided not to go, based on this luck, I’m worried we won’t get to go ice skating at all.

Once we’d been round the markets, we then decided to grab a bite to eat. In the end we did have a KFC which is always a good shout.

As it was raining and we’d pretty much seen everything there was to see in Manchester for Christmas that wasn’t too far away, we decided to go shopping. We did have a lot of time to kill before our train home so it was really nice being able to go in pretty much every shop and have a real nosy round!

The thing that made me most excited while we were shopping was when we went into Victoria secret, I’ve always had a love for their body mists but I can’t bear to spend £16 on one but yesterday they had some on offer for £5 and of course I had to jump on that deal! Every time I go into Victoria Secret I want to buy everything but everything is soo expensive.

We went round quite a few shops including: Primark, H&M, Boux and Selfridges. Selfridges is such a lovely shop to go in around Christmas especially when there are 5 stories, it’s definitely an experience!! Something amazing happened this day also, I won a set of candles which are worth £68 which definitely made my day so I wanted to go and give these a smell to see the quality, I’m now super excited to receive those!

That’s pretty much all we got up to while we were in Manchester, it was such a lovely day to get festive and have some time relaxing, my feet are definitely feeling it now though after doing 25,000 steps!

I really hope you enjoyed the read, let me know what you thought, until tomorrow,

Chlo x

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