What my boyfriend got me for Christmas | Blogmas Day 22

Goooood morninggg, I hope you are all well, welcome back to Blogmas Day 22!! It’s literally flown by and I can’t believe we’re only 3 days away from the big day, that’s crazy. I’m super excited. Also something I’m very excited about, it was mine and my boyfriends well fiancé (you’ll see) Christmas Day on Wednesday and it was so so lovely.

It was so nice to just have an us day just before Christmas where we exchange presents and make a Christmas dinner which was delicious btw, definitely not as good as my nan’s though.

So for blogmas day 22, I thought I would show you everything my boyfriend got for me for Christmas. I’ve definitely been spoilt and I’m so happy with everything I got, I could never of asked for anything more. Let’s get straight into it!

The first thing I opened was my stocking/hamper. When growing up, I’ve never actually had a stocking so it’s definitely been lovely to exchange stockings with my boyfriend for the last 2 Christmas’.

In my hamper I got some little bits, my favourite has got to be the llama, it’s honestly the cutest, if you know me, you will know I’m obsessed with llamas so this was a really nice gift. I also got some face wipes which is amazing because I was starting to run out. Funnily enough, we ended up getting each other the same mug, I got one for him with a J on and he got one for me with a C on, it’s so lovely though. I also got some of my favourite sweets!

Then I got on with opening my presents. The first thing I opened was a POP vinyl. Both me and my boyfriend have collected these for a while, my boyfriend has loadssss so I wanted to start up a collection. He brought me Blossom from the powerpuff girls, I am obsessed with them and my obvious favourite is Blossom so it was really nice to get her. I can’t wait to add her to my collection.

The next thing I opened we’re with some sprays from Victoria secret, I’ve loved these sprays for the longest time and these both smell gorgeous. I do know that Victoria secret have a sale on at the moment where some of their sprays are only £5 so if your as obsessed as I am, you should definitely pick some up while you can!!

Next I opened my first gift set. At Christmas I loveee receiving gift sets because you get so much for the money, the one I got was a Simple kind to skin set. This was absolutely amazing because Simple are one of my favourite skincare brands and I was running out of their skincare.

The next thing I got was something I was very excited about! It was a body shop and I blooming love the body shop, especially as I’d been opening a body shop advent calendar. In the sack I got a face mask which I was very excited about, I got a moisturiser which I’ve never tried before and a body scrub and a body yoghurt which I am obsessed with.

I’ve never had a high end makeup product before so I was super excited when I opened this! He got me a too faced eyeshadow set which comes with the better than sex mascara which I’ve always wanted to try! This comes with two eyeshadow palettes & a contour and highlight palette, I’ll definitely be reviewing this in the new year!!

The next thing I got was sooo exciting and was definitely something I was pestering my boyfriend for because I was so excited about it! It was a soap and glory set. With both makeup and skincare. I’ve always loved soap and glory but I’ve never been able to invest in some of their products so I’m super excited to try these! In the set you get so much especially for the price! It was £60 but my boyfriend being my boyfriend it went on sale for £30 the same day!

And finally the last present I got was an eternity ring which was actually beautiful and I was definitely so excited. Growing up I’ve never actually wanted to get married but since I met my boyfriend that has changed so he asked me to marry him and I said yes! We’re not going to get married for at least 5 years but it’s more of a promise for the both of us to be together for as long as we can! The ring is beautiful and I can’t thank him enough, he’s perfect!

I just wanted to say a massive thank you to my boyfriend for everything I got! Also to say that we both got each other equal amounts, some people don’t see the point of this but we see it as showing love to one another! I’m so thankful for everything I got and I definitely will be using them for a long time!

Thank you for reading this post, I hope you enjoyed the read! Let me know your favourite gift!

Chlo x

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