Christmas Eve Pamper Routine | Blogmas Day 24

Good morninggg, I can’t actually believe it’s Christmas Eve. Blogmas has gone sooo fast but I’m super proud I was able to complete the whole of Blogmas for the first year of blogging! I’m really happy with the response I got this month and I’ve gained so many new followers throughout the process so thank you so much!! Now. for Christmas Eve, I have put together a Pamper evening routine for Christmas Eve which is super exciting and definitely something I will be doing tonight!

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The first thing I will be doing when I come back from the dreaded Christmas Eve shop is take off all my makeup and get into my cosy’s. This is something I do every day but today it will be extra special as on Christmas Eve, we always get PJ’s to wear for the big day which I get super excited about as I love wearing a good pair of Christmas PJ’s. 

I will just take my makeup off using some makeup wipes from Primark for now till I have a shower. Of course it’s not Christmas Eve without watching the Snowman followed by the Snowman and the snow dog so I will cosy up on the sofa and watch both of these before having a relaxing shower. 

I’m going to be using both Sephora hair mask and face mask which I’ve definitely been saving for this day. It’s always so nice to feel good about yourself around Christmas and I’ve definitely heard such great things about the Sephora masks, my hair is in some definite need of TLC. 

In the shower I will also be washing my hair with some L’oreal shampoo and conditioner and I will be testing out the moisturising milk from soap and glory to wash of an excess makeup. I will also make sure to shave as I’m going to be wearing a dress tomorrow for the big day! I also used my Candy cane shower gel which is definitely perfect for this time of year, it also smells divine. 

Once I get out of the shower I will put my PJ’s back on and make myself extra cosy and warm. Around this time their will hopefully be some Christmas films on to watch to get even more excited for Christmas day! Also when my hair has dried a tiny bit, I will make sure to dry it using my hair dryer as I don’t want my hair to look frizzy and messy in the morning which normally happens if I don’t try it straight away. 

Once I’ve done this, I will complete my full skincare routine. I will firstly go in with my Simple Micellar water, even though it seems impossible to have any left over makeup, I will go in and use this just to make sure. I will then go in with my Simple cleansing milk, I sound such like such a Simple advocate but I’m honestly so obsessed with Simple products. Of course, I will then go in with my Simple Toner which works so will with my skin, it makes my skin feel so smooth. Lastly, I will go in with my Aloe Vera moisturiser from the body shop which works perfectly for Sensitive skin.  I’ve only been using it for a couple of days but it’s working really well.

Once I’m done with this I will go in with my Strawberry body Yoghurt which smells so good! This will leave my skin feeling smooth and healthy for the next 24 hours and this product definitely leaves me feeling pampered. 

I will then watch some Christmas films and head up to bed waiting for Christmas Day! I really hope you enjoyed reading my pamper routine, are you going to pamper yourself this evening? Let me know in the comments. 

Again, thank you so much for reading this Blogmas, I will be wishing you a Merry Christmas in the morning but for now, I want to wish you a Merry Christmas and I really hope you remember the true meaning of Christmas and really enjoy your holidays! 

I won’t be posting on my blog up until the 1st January because I feel I need a break from blogging for a few days! I hope that’s okay!

Until tomorrow, 

Chlo x 

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