How to make 2019 YOUR year

As I was writing the title, I of course wrote 2018 instead of 2019, I can see this happening for the next 5 months. Throughout twenty nineteen (just trying to get it into my head) I want to achieve so many goals and I definitely want to make it a year to remember.

For 2019, instead of making New year’s resolutions to not eat junk food which will probably last 2 minutes (I actually did make that as a resolution but I was eating crisps at 00:01) I thought I’d put together some serious life changing goals that I want to achieve this year. I thought it would be only right to put together some of my tips on how to make 2019 YOUR year. I’m hoping this will help me when it comes to being demotivated and gives me something to look on when I need that little boost!

What do you want to achieve this year? How are you going to achieve them? I hope these tips help you in achieving your goals!

Something that can be quite difficult for many people in the new year is getting motivated to start their goals. Something I can definitely admit is struggling to get my goals started, once I’ve done this, the rest is a breeze (well I hope). The first thing you should definitely do is get motivated to achieve your goals or simply step out of your comfort zone and do something you’ve wanted to do for a while. Making something happen can take it out on you so always remember to take care of yourself. Pamper yourself every once in a while because over working yourself definitely isn’t something that is going to help you. Take some time to do a face mask and take the evening for yourself.

Something that definitely makes a difference when it comes to getting stuff done is planning it out beforehand. when I write any of my posts, I roughly plan them out beforehand, this helps to get it fresh out of your mind and it limits the chance of forgetting something. There’s nothing worse than doing something and then remembering what you wanted to include a week later! Something I have invested in this year is a well organised diary, I’m hoping this will help me when it comes to getting everything done.

Another great idea would be to get all of your goals from 2019 down, this helps to keep your perspective on the goals you wanted to achieve. Something I’ve done this year is make a massive list of everything I’ve wanted to achieve throughout 2019 and I have put a copy of my goals on my wall, this helps me to get motivated to get sh*t done and prioritise the goals I want to achieve more.

You can definitely achieve ALOT throughout a year, especially as there are 12 months to complete them in. Something I want to try and do throughout the year is pick 2 goals I want to focus on at the very start of the month, this gives you something to work on throughout the month and it stops you from getting overwhelmed by trying to complete them all at the same time. It would be great to have a look back on these goals after the month has ended to see how much you have done to achieve that goal because sometimes it can seem like you haven’t done anything when you really have.

Throughout 2019, one of my goals is to keep on working on myself through self care and having a healthy lifestyle. This is definitely something that can help you when achieving your goals. Eating healthy and taking vitamins is a prime way of having energy so doing this will give you all the energy you need to complete the things you want to. There’s also nothing worse than feeling a bit down about yourself when trying to achieve your goals, something that might not work for everyone but definitely works for me is working out, taking an hour or two out for working on yourself puts me in the right mindset and makes me feel good about myself. You don’t even need to go to the gym to do this, take out some time at home to do a small workout or go for a run outside.

A lot of goals I have set this year are definitely out of my comfort zone and I’m sure I can say that for quite a lot of people. Stepping out of your comfort zone is the best thing you can do for yourself to get the most of 2019. Even though it may seem difficult at the time, it will be rewarding at the end of it and that’s definitely something I need to take with me through 2019. Life is all about learning new things about the world and yourself so pushing yourself can teach you so much about yourself. You might find a love for something you never thought you would.

I know something a lot of people find difficult is finding the time to actually get their goals done as I know most of my goals are going to take quite a whole, especially when it comes to my blog. If you are motivated enough, that definitely shouldn’t be a problem. But I know a lot of people have other responsibilities so taking at least 2 hours every couple of days to work on your goals will definitely make a huuuge difference.

These are the tips and tricks I have came up with to make 2019 your year, I will definitely use these tips myself when trying to accomplish my goals throughout 2019, let me know in the comments which ones your going to use!

Thank you for reading,

Chlo xo

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6 thoughts on “How to make 2019 YOUR year

  1. I really like the idea of setting aside a couple of hours each week to focus on your goals. It can be hard to find time every day but finding a window of time each week seems much more achievable.☺️

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