A full review of Mask Time {AD Gifted}

Hello lovelies, I hope you are all well. For today’s post I have something really exciting, I have a review of Mask Time. This is a Korean skincare subscription box which is sent out monthly.

Mask time offered to send me one of their boxes which I was super excited about. I’ve had my eye on their brand for a while. I just want to say a massive thank you to masktime for sending this box out to me to review. As this was kindly gifted to me, I just want say before me start, I will always give my honest opinion about the subscription box and this will not change my opinion on the product. I see all my followers and readers as my friends so I will give my honest opinion and I will only recommend products that I’d recommend my friends using.

What is Mask Time?

Before I get into the review, I quickly want to talk through what Mask time entails and what subscription boxes are available. There are two subscriptions available:

  1. Glow setter monthly subscription box
  2. Glow starter monthly subscription box

The Glow setter box retails at £24.99 and can be purchased as a a subscription or a gift. This box comes with a total of 8-10 carefully picked sheet masks. The Glow starter box retails at £9.95 which can also be purchased as a subscription or a gift. This box comes with a total of 4 sheet masks. All boxes are sent out at the very start of every month. To subscribe to one of these boxes, here are the steps.

If you don’t want to commit to a subscription box before trying out one of their masks, you are able to purchase the masks individually directly through their site. https://www.masktime.co.uk/masks.  This way you are able to test out some of their masks beforehand which I think is a really nice idea. I also think these single masks would make a perfect birthday present to anyone who is a mask lover like myself. They have a range of masks available ranging in price, the highest only being £5 which is a bargain when it comes to sheet masks.

The box I was luckily sent out was the Glow setter box which came with a total of 11 sheet masks.

The Packaging

First I just want to talk about how beautiful the packaging is. When I first opened the box I fell in love. The front of the box is very professional looking, all their social platforms are on the side of the box if you want to give them a follow, their handle is @mymasktime on facebook, twitter, instagram and snapchat. When you open up the box initially, it has a quote which states “ready, set, GLOW!” which I thought made a really nice touch. You can really tell by the packaging how much thought and effort they have taken into the box, that’s definitely something I look for when it comes to subscription boxes.

All of the products came nicely sealed which again made the packing look really professional. Something that comes with every subscription box is a postcard explaining the company and the theme of the box! This month had the theme of Christmas, as it has previously been Christmas, the theme of this box is to heal, nourish and revitalise your skin ready for 2019! Something I’ve definitely fell behind on through Christmas is looking after my skin and this box is perfect for nourishing the skin and kick starting your skincare regime. Having this postcard in every box is a really nice touch, it shows the company are caring towards there customers and you can tell they have worked really hard on putting the boxes together.

The contents of the box

As I’ve previously stated, this box came with a total of 11 sheet masks. Another thing that comes with every box is a pamphlet which gives an overview of each sheet mask and it also gives some tips on how to incorporate a sheet mask into your everyday skincare regime. This is something I really like about the box because there’s nothing worse than having to visit the website to check the content. I’m going to give a haul of all the sheet masks that came in the box.

  1. Tonymoly- Intense care hydro gel mask gold 24K- RP: £5.00
  2. Eunyul- Natural moisture pack honey- RP: £3.00
  3. Banobagi- Vita cocktail age foil mask- RP: £3.50
  4. About me- Essential green tea mask- RP: £3.50
  5. Beauty Kei- Fermentation essence luxury mask- RP: £3.50
  6. Merbliss- Wedding dress aloe soothing clear seal mask- RP: £4.00
  7. Into Skin- The Mud lifting mask- RP: £4.00
  8. Royal Skin- Prime edition anti-wrinkle bio cellulose mask- RP: £5.00
  9. JM solution- Water luminous avocado nourishing in oil mask black- RP: £4.00
  10. Mediheal- Miclan honey nutrient enriched mask- RP: £3.00
  11. About me- Skin tone up peeling pad- RP: £2.00

I calculated the amount all the content’s added up to based on their retail price and the value of the box came to £41.50, to subscribe to the box it is only £24.99 so you are saving a huge £15.50 if these were to be brought individually.


For this post, I thought I would test out one of the masks for you just so you can get an idea of the quality and how well they work upon the skin. The one I am going to be testing out is the Tonymoly Intense care hydro gel mask gold 24K. This mask retails at £5.00 and is one of the more expensive masks in the box. Something I really liked about this mask was that it came in two sections because I don’t know about you, I struggle to place sheet masks in the correct place without it covering up my features so it coming in two sections makes it so much easier. I left the mask on for around 20 minutes and then look it off, I then rubbed the access liquid into my skin. This mask left my skin feeling so smooth and hydrated and I loved how it made my skin look once I’d used it! I then completed the rest of my skincare routine, if you’d like to have a read of that, here’s the link: https://chlolauren.com/2018/12/05/how-im-saving-my-skin-this-winterblogmas-day-5/. 


From reviewing the box and some of the masks over the past few weeks, I would 100% recommend recommend mymasktime. All the masks totalled together are worth more than the price paid for the subscription so they are definitely worth the money. One thing I specifically love about masktime is there packaging and how much thought and effort goes into theme’s of every month.

The contents of this post was kindly gifted to me by mymasktime. I was not asked to write a review on the box nor was I paid to do so. The reason to why I’m writing a review is I know my readers will be interested in this and I loved the concept and idea around the subscription box. All opinions are my own and I have not been asked to write positive feedback. I will always be transparent with you, I have laid down my disclaimer here. https://chlolauren.com/disclaimer/

Thank you or giving this a read and thank you to mymasktime once again!

Chlo xo

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