My January Favourites

Can you actually believe it’s only just the end of January? I feel like it’s gone on for an eternity. January has been full of so many new opportunities and a lot has changed and I have so many favourite’s for January I really wanted to share with you! These favourites range from; product’s, places and things I have accomplished this month! In 2018, some of my most viewed content was monthly favourite’s so I thought I would incorporate it into 2019 as I love writing them! Non of the products mentioned in this post were gifted to me and were brought with my own money!

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  1. Midi skirts

Something clothing wise I have been looooving this month are midi skirts. This love for midi skirts started near the end of 2018 but I can definitely see myself wearing midi skirts all the way through 2019. The main thing I love about them is that they are so versatile, you can wear them in winter with a huge fluffy coat or you can wear one with a t-shirt in summer! I’ve got my eye on quite a few at the moment that I’m going to have to cave in and purchase all of them! Some of my favourites are from Primark and Nastygal.

2. My record player & Vinyl’s

For Christmas, I was luckily gifted a record player and I’m in love. Music sounds so much nicer on a record player. It’s so nice to chill and write posts or do work while listening to a vinyl, I’d much rather do that than use spotify! Over the past month I have been able to accumulate 4 vinyls that I’m in love with! These are: STARBOY- The Weeknd, Born to die- Lana Del Rey, Don’t be cruel- Bobby Brown and the Mamma Mia 2 soundtrack! I have been listening to these vinyls on repeat since I’ve brought them! I brought all these vinyls from Amazon if you are struggling to find vinyls! Vinyls are pretty expensive so I’m trying to save up some money so I can buy some more vinyls that I’ve been loving! If you have any recommendations on some I should purchase, please let me know in the comments!

  3. Morphe 25C palette

This is the palette I’ve pretty much been using on a daily basis over the course of January. I have wrote a full review of this palette including 2 eye looks I’ve been religiously wearing if you want to give that a read, here’s the link: here. I think the reason why I’ve been loving this palette so much is because of how pigmented and versatile the palette is. Their is a pop of colour but there is also some neutral shades which I’ve been using on an everyday basis.

4. Travelling

This may seem like a very broad favourite to include but I’ve been loving to Travel for as long as I can remember but something really exciting has come up in January. I have visited a new place in the UK which was Chester which I’ve been itching the visit for a while. I have also been able to book a trip to Disneyland and in a week of you reading this, I’ll actually be in Disneyland which I’m super excited about! I have also made some plans for different place’s I want to visit during 2019 and I’m really looking forward to ticking of some of my goals during 2019!

5. Soap & Glory products- both Bath & body and Makeup

Some of my Beauty and Bath & Body products that I’ve been loving this month are products from Soap & Glory products! This month, I’m going to be writing a post all about my favourite Soap & Glory products and I’m also going to be testing some out so keep an eye out for that throughout the month! Some of my favourite product’s are: the cleansing milk, the shower gel, the eyeliner and their mascara!

6. Victoria Secret spray

Growing up, everyone was on a Victoria Secret spray hype and now I know why! I picked up a couple of sprays when they had a promotion on where they sold them for only £5 and I couldn’t miss that deal! Their so good just to chuck in your bag and unlike most body sprays, their scents last a long time and I would 100% recommend.

7. Japanese Matcha Tea Pollution Clearing Mask

A mask I’ve been loving at the moment is the Japanese Matcha Clearing Mask! This has been a saviour for my skin for the past month. Winter is always one of those seasons that is bad on the skin and this is one of the many products that has been saving my skin! The body shop are really good when it comes to face masks and I’ve been loving their skincare a lot recently, I’d definitely love to test out their new skincare range!

What were your favourite’s from January?

Thank you for reading!

Chlo x

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