Reviewing Everything5pounds |AD- gifted

This is a post I’m super excited to be writing! A few days ago, the kind team at Everything5pounds reached out to me in request to work with myself on some content and obviously being a Fashion junkie, I jumped at the chance. I was able to pick out 4 different items from there site and asked me to include them in content! They did not ask me to complete a review of the site but did however ask me to mention them on my blog and Instagram, I thought the best way to show you the items was through a review!

Items discussed in this post was kindly gifted to me in exchange for content, this however does not affect my judgement of the brand itself and I will only work with brands I’d recommend to a friend!

About Everything5pounds:

If you don’t already know, Everything5pounds is a discounted online store selling a huge range of reduced-priced fashion items. Some of the stock sold on Everything5pounds is from ex-brand stock that didn’t sell on the high street and some of it is non-branded clothing, shoes, bags and household items.

Some of the high-street pieces sold on Everything 5 pounds tend to be from: New Look, River Island, ASOS, Zara and many more high-street fav’s and getting them for a £5 is a bargain if you ask me. I was having a look through the website itself and I noticed that they don’t disclose where the items were previously sold from nor the original price which can be a good and a bad thing, you could pay £5 for something that was previously sold for £40 on the high street or it could be something you could go into Primark and pick up for £3 so it really is mixed!

A haul of the items I picked out:

Before getting into the initial review, I thought I would give you a haul of all the items I picked out. I will also link the items if they are still available on the site. The only bad thing is that when the stock is gone, it’s gone as it has been distributed from a previous seller so if you see something you really like, snatch it up instantly before it sells out!

When I was picking out the items, I had Spring in mind so I didn’t pick up anything warm but you could definitely layer up any of these pieces to work on the colder days in Spring!

Rust Buttoned down Midi Skirt- Size 8 £5

When I saw this piece on the website I had to immediately put it in my basket and luckily they only had my size left in stock which I was very happy about! It gave me such Summer vibes and I can’t wait to wear it in a couple of months! When it arrived, it was originally from New Look which was definitely a steal! If you’ve seen me over on Instagram, I actually own the Khaki version from New Look so I was very happy with the quality.

Pink Ruffle Overlay Skater dress- Size 10 £5

This was the biggest bargain of them all and I’m so happy with this dress! When I opened it I saw that it was originally from River Island like what? and the best part about it, the original price for this dress was £40! Getting it for £5 made me so happy! Obviously as it had come from River Island, the quality was amazing and they really worked on the detail of this dress, it definitely looks beautiful on. I had an event in mind for this dress so I’m so happy it fits and looks good.

Leopard print wrap dress- Size S £5

This dress is one of my favourite items that I received. This was one of the items that was un-branded and I was worried in case it would be see-through or it wouldn’t fit properly. I got mine in a size S and I’m around a small size 10 and it fit perfectly. The material doesn’t feel cheap at all and I definitely can’t wait to wear this on a summers day in London but you could also layer this dress up and wear it with some tights and a chunky coat!

Animal Print 2 pack bag £5

When I was looking through the website, I thought it would be a really good idea to pick out an Accessory and I decided on a bag. This one caught my eye as it says it is a 2 for 1 bag and I really wanted to know what that meant! As you can see in the images, there is an inner bag where you can put the more important things in and you can then place other items at the side or you can use both bags individually so 2 bags for £2.50 you can’t really go wrong. This bag is very high in quality and I’d definitely recommend if your looking for a simple bag.

The ordering and delivery process:

In terms of searching for gems on Everything 5 pounds, you definitely need to search and search for items which is pretty common with every online store. Like I said previously, if you do find something you really like on the site, snatch it up immediately because products sell out very fast! I placed the order on Wednesday 13th and the package arrived at my door on the 16th so the delivery process was super quick which I really didn’t expect!

Something I would like to comment on that I think is important when placing an order is that postage is very expensive. I was looking on their site this morning and I headed to checkout and Standard delivery was £8.45 but I checked again in the evening and it was £5.00. I was looking into the site further and the reason the delivery varies in price is due to the weight of the package so it will be more if you are ordering heavy items. I’d just be cautious of that if your planning on ordering from them.

What was my complete order like:

When I opened the package, I was very happy with all the contents inside and everything looked as it was described in the images and I was definitely over the moon when I discovered the retail price. I definitely wouldn’t want to send any of the items back and I am very happy with how all the items arrived as they had no stains or no rips which was a relief.

One thing I have realised when opening the package was their was no return slip meaning that it is quite difficult to return items. When going through their website, I found that you have to pay to return the items however they do refund you for the items you send back in under a week and if you are exchanging items, you get that sent out to you ASAP so there are some good and bad things and this could definitely be something to improve on.

Final verdict:

Would I order from Everything 5 pounds with my hard earned money? Definitely yes! Their such an affordable brand if your not a brand snob like myself then this store would be perfect for you, especially if your looking out for a bargain!

If you want to purchase from Everything 5 pounds and want an even more of a discount, you can use my discount code at CHLOLAUREN5 at checkout for a further 5% off!

Have you shopped on Everything 5 pounds recently? Did you get any gems?

Thank you for reading,

Chlo xo

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