June Monthly Favourites

I can’t quite believe it’s my birthday month, only 20 days until my birthday and I’m so excited. July is definitely one of my favourite months. As June has come to an end, I thought I’d put together a few of my monthly favourites. June has been a month that has been pretty busy but I’ve actually had so many favourites. There is a mix of books, makeup, fashion items and so many random bits.

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Favourite number One- ‘The lives we touch’ by Eva Woods

Since I’ve been home for Summer from University I’ve been trying to get into reading. One of the books I’ve loved this month is one written by Eva Woods and is called ‘the lives we touch’. This is definitely an emotional read but gives you are wider perspective on life and has gave me the motivation to live my life to the fullest. I’d really recommend giving this a read if you are looking for something new to read, I got mine from The works and it was only £2 which you really can’t go wrong with!

Favourite number Two- Primark highlighter from their Ps range- Brunch Club

As soon as it hits summer, my favourite makeup product is always highlighter. I’ve seen a lot on Instagram recently people using Primark highlighters and I thought I’d give one a go. Their highlighters were only £2.50? Can you really go wrong with that? The shade I have is called Brunch Club and it’s beautiful on my skin! If you are on the paler side, I’d 100% recommend picking this one up when you go on your next trip to Primark. I 100% understand the struggle of finding a highlighter that doesn’t look too bold on my skin and look streaky which this one doesn’t do!

Favourite number Three- Women behind bars on Netflix

Something I’ve been watching this month is a documentary series on Netflix called Women behind bars which has really opened my eyes to crime. I am definitely a junkie when it comes to watching crime documentaries and I’ve found this one super interesting so if you are like me and love crime documentaries I’d recommend you giving this a watch!

Favourite number Four- Brooklyn Nine Nine on Netflix

I know I’m late to the party but I’ve just finished watching up to season 5 of Brooklyn Nine Nine on Netflix and all I can say is when is season 6 going to be added? I’ve been meaning to watch this show for a while now and I’m utterly in love. I have so many favourite moments within the show and it is definitely very comical. Do you watch it? How much do you like it on a scale of 1-10? I’d definitely say a 10.

Favourite number Five- Denim Playsuit from Primark

Something I’ve been loving to wear this month as it’s been warming up is my denim Playsuit that I got from Primark. I’ve been wearing this whenever I get the chance to. It’s so comfy and I love wearing a Playsuit because I don’t need to try and put a whole outfit together. I wore this when I went to Bournemouth and it looked so nice in photo’s.

Favourite number Six- ‘The list that changed my life‘ by Olivia Beirne

Another book I’ve read this month is one by Olivia Beirne called ‘the list that changed my life’. This book really intrigued me when I saw it and it has really given me the motivation to get out there and step out of my comfort zone. If you are interested in reading a book all about bucket lists with a twist, I’d 100% recommend picking this one up! This was also £2 from The works.

Favourite number Seven- Toy Story 4

Have you watched this? If you haven’t and you love all the other Toy Story films, head to your local cinema and go and give this a watch. This film is filled with a whirl wind of emotions and I have to admit I cried quite a bit when I was watching it. The ending of this Toy story is definitely my favourite out of the 4 films. If you’ve watched it, please let me know what you think below in the comments!

So those are my June favourites, what have you loved this June?

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7 thoughts on “June Monthly Favourites

  1. You look so lovely in the photo for this post Chlo! I love having a little nosey at what people have loved this past month. Women Behind Bars is def something I’ve loved this month too. I loved watching When They See Us on Netflix too. I think that Quorn Chick’n Nuggets deserve a place on my June favourites list too ahah. I hope you have a lovely day and I wish you a very happy birthday month x x

    Katie | http://www.katieyvonne.co.uk

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