Autumn Basics // 10 Wardrobe Essentials

One of my most popular posts has got to be my wardrobe essentials when it comes to each season so would it be me if I didn’t do one for Autumn? If you know me by now, you will know I absolutely love Autumn so I think Autumn is my specialty.

When it comes to Autumn, there are a lot of basics you 100% need in your wardrobe, these can be warn year after year and they will go with any cosy outfit. So, I have put together a list of 10 Autumn Wardrobe essentials that you NEED in your wardrobe.


It wouldn’t be an Autumn basics post if I didn’t mention boots would it? Boots are an absolute essential for this time of year and if you pick up the right pair, they will go with absolutely every outfit! When it comes to boots (or booties some may say) I like to pick up some comfortable and black boots that will go with every outfit under the sun. I tend to purchase mine from Primark and they are always the best value for money in my opinion, however, if you are looking for some boots that are going to last more than one year, maybe look else where.

When I was like 15, I would always purchase the classic Chelsea boot but now, my feet can’t hack it and they tend to feel very uncomfortable so I have transitioned into a flat boot to make sure they are really comfortable. The style of boots I’m really digging this A/W are biker boots, aren’t they the absolute dream? I picked up mine from Primark for 18 quid and they are so comfy. I’d 100% recommend.

Turtle Necks

These are an absolute essential in anyone’s wardrobe this A/W. I must admit, I’ve never really loved turtle necks until this year, I am a new women. I’m now starting a collection of turtle necks, I currently have 3 different ones in 3 different colours so I can definitely tell these are going to be an absolute staple in my wardrobe in 2019. I usually purchase mine from Primark.

A Coat

This one is pretty obvious but you need to get a really good quality coat to keep you warm and toasty throughout the colder months. Is it just me or has it got really cold dramatically? I’m currently freeeezing. It kind of depends on your preferences but I tend to purchase my coats in Primark/H&M as I find they are the best value for money. I spoke about this in another blog post but I really think a coat is something you can really invest in as if you live in the UK like myself, lets be real you will be wearing it every day up until around March so that’s a good few months! When it comes to a coat, I tend to purchase a black one or even a grey coat because I feel this colour goes best with everyday outfits!

Super Cosy Jumpers

Is this even a Autumn essentials if I didn’t talk about Jumpers? Jumpers are one of my favorite garments to purchase because can you ever have enough jumpers? I tend to purchase my jumpers from Primark/H&M or from my local charity shop because they are 1. super cosy and 2. really affordable and 3. reduces fast fashion.

Black Shoulder Bag

One of my must have’s for my Autumn wardrobe is my Black shoulder bag that I purchased from Primark. I purchased it when it was on the sale for only £3 so if you don’t already have it, I’d recommend purchasing it now till they are all gone. The bag in question is the one featured in today’s post and it is super spacious but also looks cute at the same time. This bag will literally go with all my Autumn outfits and I can’t wait to style it!


One thing you can’t get enough of when it comes to A/W are cardigans. Cardigans are one of those clothing items that keep you really cosy and you can wear them with pretty much every outfit. I’ve seen some really cute cardigans on ASOS at the moment and I’ve had to refrain from purchasing them ALL.

Black Leather Skirt

I believe a black leather skirt is an absolute staple in everyone’s wardrobe throughout the year but I specifically think one is a staple in Autumn. I always love to wear a black leather skirt with an oversized jumper and some tights and boots and it is an absolute look and is perfect for Autumn. It would also be perfect for Winter to layer with and you could wear it on a night out also, so there are a lot of advantages to owning a leather skirt if you don’t already.

A scarf… or 5

When it comes round to Autumn I am always excited to get out my old scarfs and purchase some more that I don’t need. A scarf is the perfect thing to keep you warm but it also keeps you really cosy, I like to buy mine from Primark and when I have to go to lectures, I will wrap it round me like a blanket so it is a win win situation really.

Blue Mom Jeans

If you know me personally you will know that I wear Mom Jeans 90% of the time, they are just so flattering and so easy to wear. I think Mom Jeans are a key essential in anyone’s wardrobe because they go with pretty much everything. I tend to purchase mine from charity shops because this is where I tend to find the thicker mom jeans rather than purchasing them from Primark as they don’t tend to be as thick.

Beige Mom Jeans

Can’t just be me that is obsessed with everything beige at the moment? I feel like my whole Autumn wardrobe has turned into a beige mess. If anyone has me on Pinterest you would know I have a whole board focused on neutral shades, that’s how obsessed I am. I’ve owned my beige mom jeans since Summer and have made a number of appearances on my Instagram so they must be a keeper. I just thing these are the perfect investment in anyone’s wardrobe and they go with so many outfits, it definitely makes a good change from wearing denim jeans!

So they are my 10 Autumn Wardrobe essentials, what are yours?

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