How To Find Your Worth As a Blogger and How to Reach Out to Brands

When it comes to Blogging, there are so many things you need to consider and it’s not just writing. Working with Brands is a huge part of what I do. Even though Blogging is only part time while I am at university, it is one of my sources of income and it took me a while to find my worth as a blogger and ask brands for payment. I thought I’d put a post together all how I found my worth as a Blogger and I also thought I’d add a little segment on How I reach out to brands! I am also thinking of creating a post with an exemplar for new bloggers to use when they are reaching out to brands, if this is something you are interested in, please let me know in the comments!

Over my year of blogging, I have worked with a fair few brands, most of these collaborations have been gifted collaborations but I have done one or two paid. My first ever paid collaboration was so exciting, if you’d like to read that, here is the link:

I never knew what to expect when it came to a paid collaboration so I thought I’d talk you through my process just if you’ve never had a paid collaboration before you will know what to do if you do. I reached out to the brand with my proposal and then they sent a conformation email to accept the collaboration, I was then asked to sign a contract just to make sure you follow through with everything, you get a list of some guidelines you need to follow but they are pretty straight forward! You then complete the collaboration and upload all the content, the one thing I have never had to do is send through an invoice, this was a whole different experience for me but it’s pretty straight forward! I will talk about this more in an upcoming post! You then get paid!!! It’s really straight forward but sometimes, brands will take there time with payments so it’s super important to chase them up!

When you first start out as a blogger, it is perfectly okay to accept gifted collaborations, this way you can build a portfolio and brands can look on your Blog and socials and know what to expect from you in future collaborations. When you have build a following on both your blog and your socials, it is perfectly okay to start asking brands for a budget whenever they reach out to you! It is more likely than not that Brands will pay some Bloggers to promote their brand but some they will expect the collaboration to be gifted, you really need to know your worth as an individual and a business person with this one and be confident and ask for a budget, like they say, if you don’t ask, you don’t get.

When it comes to reaching out to brands, here are some of the things you should include:

  • Include ALL your links that you would share the brands products on, the more the better! For example: If you are working with a Fashion brand, you may want to include that you have a 21buttons account that you will share their clothing on.
  • Include your Stats: When you reach out to a brand, you need to show of your ability and sharing your followers and traffic really helps!
  • Introduce yourself, there is nothing worse than knowing nothing about the influencer you are working with, make sure to include some basic information about yourself, e.g. name, age.
  • One thing that not a lot of new bloggers have is a Media Kit, I have wrote a blog post in the past so here is the link if you want to see how to create one. This will usually give information on the brands you have worked with in the past and pricing.

When it comes to asking brands for a budget to see if you can get paid for promoting them, it is worth adding your charges and what you have to offer at the end of your Media kit. This makes it easier for a brand to see what to expect from you for the money and it also gives them a price. You can either negotiate this or they will give you the price you ask for.

So, remember, you have so much worse as a Blogger and your content is worth something, sometimes it’s worth asking for a budget as more times than not, you may get paid for your work!

Do you have any tips for this?

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