Five Simple Ways To be More Eco-friendly At Christmas

Christmas is nearly upon us so I thought I’d start of my Christmas series with something that is really important and can be really helpful. I know a lot of people do not know how to be sustainable and eco-friendly around the Christmas period so I thought this would be really helpful so you can find little changes that you can make at Christmas.

  1. Wrap your Christmas presents the Eco-friendly way

Bows and ribbons are something that everyone uses to spice up their Christmas wrapping, or to hide the poor wrapping skills, if you are anything like me. However, these decorations can be quite harmful for the planet. I have made the swap this year to using reusable wrapping paper instead of normal wrapping paper as it doesn’t contribute to single use and it doesn’t go to waste.

Another idea is to cut little pieces of the Christmas tree or you could purchase some from most craft stores and use those for decoration as this makes it look a lot more festive and is better than just throwing away single use tags and ribbons.

2. Send Eco-friendly Christmas cards

Something I’d highly recommend when you are purchasing your Christmas cards to give to your Family and Friends is going to deliver them yourselves as this adds a more personal touch to the delivery.

Additionally, I would always recommend opting to purchasing cards from stores where they are sustainably sourced or have recycled paper as this makes it way easier to recycle. Another tip, do not purchase any cards that have glitter on them as this makes a card really hard to recycle and it can be really harmful for the environment. When I went into Paperchase the other day I noticed that they had some sustainable Christmas post cards and cards so I’d recommend visiting Paperchase if you are looking to get a card!

3. Purchase your tree the sustainable way

When it comes to purchasing a Christmas tree, if you are going to purchase a real one, I’d recommend going to pick it up from your local retailer as this reduces your carbon footprint. Something to note when it comes to the end of Christmas, take the tree to a recycling centre where they can reuse parts of the true and makes it way more environmentally friendly.

Something I’ve been doing for years is purchasing a fake Christmas tree and re-using it year from year! There is no point purchasing a tree just to use for one year!

4. Gift Sustainably

Do you know someone that is really into environmentally friendly products but they don’t know where to start? I’d highly recommend getting them a present from Chilly’s Bottles, they have so many eco-friendly options including re-usable bottles ranging from 500ml to 1litre and metal straws. I have also seen a lot of retailers use sustainable packing on their gifts so that’s definitely something to look out for when you are doing your Christmas shopping.

5. Plan a zero-waste Christmas dinner

When you are shopping for the ingredients for your Christmas dinner, I’d recommend shopping at your local store to get the best organic and affordable food. To try and avoid food going to waste I’d recommend planning in advance and not purchasing anything that you and your family won’t eat. However, if you do make more than you were expecting, keep some left overs for the next morning because who doesn’t love having Christmas left overs on Boxing Day?

Those are my Five Simple ways to be more eco-friendly around the Christmas period and I hope you are looking forward to other Christmas content from me!

If you have any other recommendations to being sustainable at Christmas, please leave them in the comments!

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