Why You Should Approach Black Friday with Caution: How bad is it for the environment?

Tomorrow is the all famous Black Friday, the day where all participating stores host HUGE discounts for a short period of time. Traffic on these sites go wild and delivery services are worked to death due to the mass amount of deliveries. Like anything, Black Friday comes with some environmental concerns.

I totally understand that Black Friday can be the perfect opportunity to buy Christmas presents at a cheaper price and it can also be a time where you can purchase things that you wouldn’t be able to purchase at full price. I know that I am a sucker for a good deal and if I can get something I’ve been wanting to purchase for a long time for cheaper, I’m going to take on that opportunity also. However, black Friday should be approached with Caution and here is why and how you can!

What is Black Friday? 

So, if you didn’t know what Black Friday is, it’s a 24 hour period where many retailers run special offers that can only be used for that period of time. This year I’ve seen so many retailers start early and run their discounts for up to a week. Black Friday can also go through to Cyber Monday where the discounts are increased!

What are the Environmental concerns surrounding Black Friday?

There are a couple of environmental concerns when it comes to Black Friday and it is a continuing issue throughout the Fast Fashion Business. I know there are a lot of people that will purchase a piece of clothing because of the price tag, if the price is low, it can become quite tempting and you will then purchase, but, how many of you were going into that store to pick up that particular item? In most cases, people will purchase this clothing and either wear it once, or worse, never wear it and then get rid of it. This then contributes to the mass amount of clothing found at landfill each year.

Additionally, I previously mentioned the mass amount of deliveries that need to be made. I’ve noticed that most of the good Black Friday deals are actually online. This means that people aren’t going to go into stores as they are going to get a better deal at the comfort of their homes. This will then create a massive amount of fuel being used just for one day of the year which in turn contributes to the air pollution.

From doing some research around this, I’ve seen that a lot of high street stores are ditching the aspect of Black Friday as they want to be more environmentally conscious. I think this is a massive step in the right direction.

What you can do to be more environmentally conscious this weekend 

I have come up with a few things you can do to be more environmentally conscious over the weekend instead of restricting yourselves from not purchasing anything!

  1. Buy what you NEED: This weekend I do have some things that I am going to keep an eye out for and I may also purchase. The items I’m planning on getting are things that I really need and it would also be really beneficial to get them at a cheaper price!
  2. More is less: Imagine having that bag you’ve wanted for 6 months and not purchasing anything else rather than purchasing loads of things in the sale that you probably aren’t going to wear more than once? That sounds way better to me!
  3. Purchase Standard Delivery: When checking out, always pick the standard delivery option so people have more time to deliver and will need to use less fuel!
  4. Go to your local Shopping Center: If you know that one of the stores you want to purchase from have a store in your local shopping center, go there instead and purchase it. This limits the amount of fuel that is needed for delivery and it is also cheaper as you won’t need to pay for delivery.
  5. Purchase from brands that are also environmentally conscious: Do your research before you purchase, are they also environmentally conscious and what measures are they taking to be more environmentally conscious.
  6. Better yet, buy nothing! If there is nothing you need, buy nothing, there is no point wasting your money on things that appealed to you just because they were on sale!
What Brands are Sustainably Conscious? 
  1. Mango are a brand I know and love and they are so good for the environment
  2. H&M Conscious range
  3. Wearatala Gym wear
  4. Depop- Not a brand itself but perfect way to be sustainable

I really hope you found this post helpful and you will consider all these things before you purchase anything!

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