How I Stay Motivated to Create Content

I can definitely vouch for the people that lose motivation to create content. However, a couple weeks ago, I decided I wanted to take blogging more seriously and try and make it into a job rather than a hobby. A couple months ago, I neglected both my blog and Instagram, however, now that I haveContinue reading “How I Stay Motivated to Create Content”

My Quarantine Skincare Regime

One thing I have really been focusing on during lockdown has been my skin. I tend to change my skincare regime from time to time and I realized I haven’t updated you guys in a while on my current routine. As a blogger, I get the opportunity to test out a lot of skincare, however,Continue reading “My Quarantine Skincare Regime”

How to Find Cheap Flights in 2020

Do you ever get tired of endlessly searching for the cheapest flight and getting no where? Look no further, I have some tips and tricks to getting the cheapest and affordable flights in 2020. Over the past few years I have been using these hacks to find the best and affordable flight to my chosenContinue reading “How to Find Cheap Flights in 2020”

How to Save Money For Travelling

Planning a trip for this year but you are struggling to save money? I am going to share some of my tips for saving money for travelling. This can be different from person to person, for example, I am currently in my third year of university so budgeting to a student is very different toContinue reading “How to Save Money For Travelling”

The Perfect 48 Hour Itinerary While Visiting Rome, Italy.

Oh the beautiful Rome, a place you read and learn about through school but to actually explore this beautiful city is an experience. There is so much history and life in Rome and I couldn’t get enough. I actually visited Rome in September 2018, time has flown by and I’d love to visit again. ThereContinue reading “The Perfect 48 Hour Itinerary While Visiting Rome, Italy.”

My 2020 Bucket-List {Travel & Lifestyle}

This post is definitely coming to you a bit late, it is currently March but it is better late than never, right? Towards the end of 2019 I had been thinking of what I wanted to add to my bucket-list for the year 2020 as its a pretty big year for me. I’m finally goingContinue reading “My 2020 Bucket-List {Travel & Lifestyle}”

Things To See When Visiting Edinburgh and The Best Place to Stay

Back in January, me and my boyfriend took a trip to Edinburgh. We took the train early in the morning and left late the following day. We stayed in a really good hotel at a budget price and had the best time. In this post, I’m going to be showing you the best things toContinue reading “Things To See When Visiting Edinburgh and The Best Place to Stay”

The Ultimate Christmas Male Gift Guide

Males are soooo hard to purchase for when it comes to purchasing gifts, especially at Christmas. I feel like I search the internet for hours searching for gift ideas for the males I need to purchase for but I always seem to settle for a gift set in some way or another. I thought I’dContinue reading “The Ultimate Christmas Male Gift Guide”

The Ultimate Christmas Female Gift Guide

You may be someone who has already done the majority of there Christmas shopping but you may be struggling on what to get for that special female in your life or you could be like me and hasn’t started ANY Christmas Shopping and has no clue what to get for people, I’ve got you! TodayContinue reading “The Ultimate Christmas Female Gift Guide”

Why You Should Approach Black Friday with Caution: How bad is it for the environment?

Tomorrow is the all famous Black Friday, the day where all participating stores host HUGE discounts for a short period of time. Traffic on these sites go wild and delivery services are worked to death due to the mass amount of deliveries. Like anything, Black Friday comes with some environmental concerns. I totally understand thatContinue reading “Why You Should Approach Black Friday with Caution: How bad is it for the environment?”

Five Simple Ways To be More Eco-friendly At Christmas

Christmas is nearly upon us so I thought I’d start of my Christmas series with something that is really important and can be really helpful. I know a lot of people do not know how to be sustainable and eco-friendly around the Christmas period so I thought this would be really helpful so you canContinue reading “Five Simple Ways To be More Eco-friendly At Christmas”

A What I Eat In A Day- Vegetarian Edition ~AD~

~ This post includes paid collaboration, however, all opinions are my own ~ Something I’ve been loving on YouTube at the moment are what I eat in a day’s. I just find them so informative and it also gives me some new recipe ideas for when I am stuck on what to make. I thoughtContinue reading “A What I Eat In A Day- Vegetarian Edition ~AD~”