A Day In My Life- Day Out In Manchester-

Hey again!! This is going to be something which I haven’t done as of yet on my blog and I really want to do more of in the future, this is travel/lifestyle type of blog post. Recently, me and my boyfriend took a very spontaneous trip to Manchester, it was a very spontaneous trip asContinue reading “A Day In My Life- Day Out In Manchester-“

Morphe 3502 Review-

Hey Again!! I am back with another blog post which is a little bit different, I’m going to be doing a review of the Morphe 35O2 palette. I’m so so so sorry that there wasn’t a post I’ve just been so so ill, I really hope you all had a lovely valentines day!! so, I’veContinue reading “Morphe 3502 Review-“

Where my Journey Begins: Getting to know me.

Hey there! I feel that it would only be right to make my first post introducing myself so everyone can get to know me a little better, so,  I’m Chloe, a 18-year-old female, for a few years now I’ve wanted to make a blog but never really had the confidence to do so, but as 2018Continue reading “Where my Journey Begins: Getting to know me.”