My Pamper Routine/Self Love Routine 🌸

Hey everyone, I hope your all doing well x Today I am back with another routine type of post, I’m going to be showing you my pamper and self love routine which I normally do when I’m feeling a bit down or just want to treat myself which is always important, we should all treatContinue reading “My Pamper Routine/Self Love Routine 🌸”

A Day In My Life- Day Out In Manchester-

Hey again!! This is going to be something which I haven’t done as of yet on my blog and I really want to do more of in the future, this is travel/lifestyle type of blog post. Recently, me and my boyfriend took a very spontaneous trip to Manchester, it was a very spontaneous trip asContinue reading “A Day In My Life- Day Out In Manchester-“

Valentine’s Day Get Ready With Me

Hey Again, I hope you’re all doing well, So, Valentine’s day is fast approaching and I love getting creative with my makeup! When Valentine’s day comes to mind I imagine pink faded eye shadow and a bright red lip. In today’s blog post I am going to be showing you how I did my Makeup,Continue reading “Valentine’s Day Get Ready With Me”

My Skincare Routine- Spring 2018-

Hey Again!! I am so sorry that there wasn’t a blog post of Sunday!! I was going through some family problems at home and had literally no time to write a post and also forgot my laptop at uni (the stress!!) In today’s blog post I’m going to be showing you my skin care routineContinue reading “My Skincare Routine- Spring 2018-“