Full face of Makeup Revolution makeup; is it worth the hype??

Hey again!! I hope your all doing well!! Sorry this is abit late, it deleted itself and I only just worked out how to get it back ahaha. Today i’m back with another makeup post and It’s all about Makeup Revolution. If you don’t know by now, Makeup Revolution is one of my favourite makeupContinue reading “Full face of Makeup Revolution makeup; is it worth the hype??”

A Day In My Life- Day Out In Manchester-

Hey again!! This is going to be something which I haven’t done as of yet on my blog and I really want to do more of in the future, this is travel/lifestyle type of blog post. Recently, me and my boyfriend took a very spontaneous trip to Manchester, it was a very spontaneous trip asContinue reading “A Day In My Life- Day Out In Manchester-“

Valentine’s Day Get Ready With Me

Hey Again, I hope you’re all doing well, So, Valentine’s day is fast approaching and I love getting creative with my makeup! When Valentine’s day comes to mind I imagine pink faded eye shadow and a bright red lip. In today’s blog post I am going to be showing you how I did my Makeup,Continue reading “Valentine’s Day Get Ready With Me”